We reached the 500k download mark! Our further plans

Starting this project 1,5 years ago I never thought about such an amazing user base we meanwhile have. Thanks for all the ongoing support, feedback und sharing this project. You really help spreading free and Open Source programs with it as much as you can.


  • over 500.000 LJTD downloads (1 file is about 10 MB)
  • ~5 Tera Byte traffic which would be equal to 5.000 x 1 Giga Byte HDDs (just for the LJTD tool, not for the page itself)
  • in most “Jungle Timer” terms in Google we are in the good TOP10 places (keep on linking to us, it really helps)
  • over 100 of users playing with LJTD at the same time

And again sorry for the one week off-time last month. =(

Features planned:

  • Objective overview (showing a detailed overview about current objective on another screen. This way LJTD is also useful when you have fullscreen mode active)
  • Fixing Write2Chat (currently in a terrible state, sorry for that, I try my best!)
  • Fixing TeamSync (more reliable and non laggy)

Updates coming soon

Yes, we working on optimizions and new features. Due to some university stuff, I have to do rigth now, I don’t find that much time for this project this year anymore. Early on next year I promise the next big update iterations. Really stay tuned. This project is still active and is waiting for new ideas and feedback. We are still looking for new feature testers. So if you are interested contact us.

And for all friends of LJTD, have a great last month this year and a happy start Season 4. We see us!

LJTD 4.2 – Advanced Minimap features and bugfixes

Hey guys, first of all I didn’t want to write another Post so fast but…

there were sooo many changes within this version that made it so necessary, sorry therefore šŸ˜‰

Download Version

Info & Changes

Well there were so many guys asking why does my CTRL key not work properly with Write2Chat. So we decided to simply not offer it anymore. That was the easiest way because it was just buggy and we were not able to fix the bugs coming within. You can now still use it for timing ONLY. Furthermore there have been some name changes to prepare LJTD to be understood also by new users. Have a look on the History to see what they are.

We also wanted to make sure that everybody is being informed by just having a look on the program and without reading stuff like our FAQ section. So we added some exclamation and question marks for optional information.


We noticed the Ward Timer bug – from the previous version – some days after publishing it. But we decided to wait with an update to avoid spamming updates and getting some more bugs fixed, too. Most of them are concerning the Advanced Minimap which in this version will give you much more freedom.

There has also been updated the RESET and SAVE button for a simpler configuration of your Settings. Some huge embarrasing bugs like loosing focus on the Settings finally got fixed.

The really important fix is the change of the Team Button. Clicking on the button will not restart your Buffs anymore. So you can still change the sides if you forgot it at the start!


The main feature is that you got more freedom on the Show Duration feature for the Advanced Minimap. Now it’s possible to change the size and also individual locations. This will be useful if you want the text on a non-default location. This is an professional feature and needs some time to configure!

LJTD 4.2 -Advanced minimap

Another amazing feature is that you can now change any Buff you want. Up to now you only could setup Blue & Red buffs as one. Furthermore that you can now set the seconds so that replacing a buff as the summoner spell Flash is now possible.

TL:DR; as always have a look on the History page for a summary.

Summoner, now you’reĀ Ready to Jungle!

LJTD for League of Legends v.

Which changes are coming within this version?

The main feature of this versionĀĀ is the rework to some features and design issues in the Config GUI. There has also been a bugfix that LJTD won’t start without internet connection. Now it correctly starts in that case.

Go to theĀ Download sectionĀ for an information overview.

The first big thing was the change to the input of your hotkeys. It was really creepy and confusing with all these numbers. There was no real need to do that. So now it is much moreĀ user friendly. Simply choose one textbox and write letters, numbers, F-keys and whatever. No longer there will be char displayed that make no sense.


The second big thing was that sometimes when users looked above the Config GUI, they were a bit confused by all these gray things. This has now been changed, too. Everything that is customizable is now in gray. Explanations and things like that fit better into background design now.

Visit theĀ History pageĀ for a full list of change within this version.

What to regard in this version?

Make sure to check your hotkeys. There might be conflicts with the old implementation. Just check in case šŸ˜‰

Summoner, now you’reĀ Ready to Jungle!