We reached the 500k download mark! Our further plans

Starting this project 1,5 years ago I never thought about such an amazing user base we meanwhile have. Thanks for all the ongoing support, feedback und sharing this project. You really help spreading free and Open Source programs with it as much as you can.


  • over 500.000 LJTD downloads (1 file is about 10 MB)
  • ~5 Tera Byte traffic which would be equal to 5.000 x 1 Giga Byte HDDs (just for the LJTD tool, not for the page itself)
  • in most “Jungle Timer” terms in Google we are in the good TOP10 places (keep on linking to us, it really helps)
  • over 100 of users playing with LJTD at the same time

And again sorry for the one week off-time last month. =(

Features planned:

  • Objective overview (showing a detailed overview about current objective on another screen. This way LJTD is also useful when you have fullscreen mode active)
  • Fixing Write2Chat (currently in a terrible state, sorry for that, I try my best!)
  • Fixing TeamSync (more reliable and non laggy)

Updates coming soon

Yes, we working on optimizions and new features. Due to some university stuff, I have to do rigth now, I don’t find that much time for this project this year anymore. Early on next year I promise the next big update iterations. Really stay tuned. This project is still active and is waiting for new ideas and feedback. We are still looking for new feature testers. So if you are interested contact us.

And for all friends of LJTD, have a great last month this year and a happy start Season 4. We see us!