LJTD 7 – Redesign

We are Back summoners!

The LJTD-Team proudly presents the next version 7 of LJTD. The focus of this version is the complete new design of nearly all LJTD elements. We thought it was way too pimped before and we should go a step back and offer a clean and straightforward design for our users. Our Beta tester loving it and don’t want to miss it anymore. But if you really dislike it, no problem you can always go back to an older version on our history page.

Download Version [emoji floppy disk]

Let’s begin with the list of changes, features and bug fixes. We want to make sure we explain them as detailed as possible. If you have any questions just leave a comment below or in our forum.



First of all you will love it! We took some time to improve the old design. There have been several ideas but finally it was redesigned completely and we got this one below which is pretty awesome. Thanks to our designer Crow by the way. Good job.


The buttons and labels are now placed in a row so it looks cleaner than it did before. We also wanted to give access to important components like the Contextmenu and even the Objective Overview. The Objective buttons now behave like they should. They appear grey if the are not active. There is also more space for customization like more room for the labels overall and so on. Important things are now focused.

In the settings we redesigned nearly everything. The tabs are now no more un-speaking pictures. They fit into their place we upgraded the feature groupboxes as well. Overall it’s now more user-friendly than it was before. We also moved the reset button to the right side because the actual reset combination is clicking reset and right after that save.


Font System

We implemented a system that is checking at the first start if you have properly installed 2 fonts on your system. These fonts are now needed because LJTD looks so good with them. We wanted to give the best user experience for sure but these fonts are kicking-ass. The installation can be done automatically by LJTD. After that LJTD will restart and you can start using LJTD as usual but with an amazing font system now. You are for sure still able to change the font of the labels later on.



We know that some new users might not directly know where to find a specific feature. So we created a tutorial for those guys who want to get introduced in the software. It will show you the basic elements and what you can do with them. Advanced users should skip this tutorial.




We reduced the pictures you are able to change. Just a few members were using own pictures and to maintain them it took too much time. But for sure the setting backgrounds and even the Control Overlay background are still customizable though.


The Contextmenu was not correctly shown when the “Show hidden symbols” was active. Now it will always be on top so you can see the whole window.

Game Focus

Now placing some wards on the Wardmap or clicking other elements of LJTD won’t any longer influence the in-game minimap. The previous re-focus of the game was buggy sometimes. Whenever moving on top of the in-game minimap lead to awkward misbehaviour of your mouse in some cases. This is now fixed and should not any longer happen. But the mechanics needed to be changed in a way you might not like. So additionally we wanted to let youself decide if you want to use the new re-focus feature. You can disable it now if you wish to.


We changed the Play and Stop button. Now it should be more intuitive what these button actually do. We also changed the Slide buttons. Before they were some half circles that didn’t make any sense. Now it looks actually in the direction it slides to which fits much better.

The Advanced Minimap now has the same opacity like the Control Overlay. This improve the usability because you can now see behind the elements and what’s going on on the minimap.

The Contextmenu’s Write2Chat Quickchange now behaves like a usual 2-side button system. The active element is coloured and the other one is grey. Clicking the inactive one will now change the active status.

TL:DR; we updated LJTD to version 7. As always check out the History [emoji page with curl]  page for a summary of changes.

Summoner, now you’re Ready to Jungle!