Reasons for the long Downtime

Hey what’s up with all of you guys =). Firstly really big sorry for the long time that has passed till the site is now back online. There are several reasons for that.

As you might have noticed we had some trouble with round about 2 months and it’s still going on. Sure that was not intended or supposed to happen. I will tell you the whole story now in all details.

TL;DR: is replaced by, Hardware behind destroyed


What happened to

So more than 2 months ago suddenly the server gone down. We already had a week downtime already in the history, so I wasn’t really shocked and believing that the hoster is going to manage it again and changing the hardware which was needed to be replaced in a very short time.

But after some weeks they said they were not able to do this (or what I think they didn’t want to invest that money…). I was really angry this time as you can imagine. So I was looking for an alternative and found it. But there was another problem that lead to another delay…

Who was actually hosting

It is a good friend of mine who had a server and free capacity and mainly someone who was able to set up the server really quickly at the start of this project (about 3 years ago). So I decided to order him as my hardware specialist. But a huge problem was that requests to him were replied with a big delay. So after crashed all the needed information came up weeks later…

Why now instead?

That friend told me his new server will be available at begin of this month. But as you can imagine nothing happened these days. So I took matter into one’s own hand and ordered the new domain to give you access to the page as fast as possible.

What has changed now?

So basically nothing changed for you. For myself I now have full access to the server and the rights of the domain. My friend will also give me the rights for in some days so I will create a redirect to the new page. This will not any longer direct into an empty page 😀

By the way now I have more costs (about 200€/year), it would really help to get more donations now. I’m working full time beside the project and still invest the rest of my time for this project. Please give something back if you can. Thanks.


Thanks for any donation =)

Any donation will go completely into the project costs

What did I learn from that and tips for yourself!

If you can host your page on your own. Be independant from others is always an advantage and an aim.

So yeah what else to say. Have fun with the new site. Hopefully the performance does not drop. In exchange for the downtime I will setup a TeamSpeak server which you can use in the future. But yeah let’s first begin to deliver the tool, I will give an update when it’s ready for you guys. Edit: TeamSpeak server will additional increase cost per month by 50 Euro, so to realize that we need more donations. Sorry but I can’t take these high costs alone.

Thank you again for all your support and on-going feedback during the page was down. Hopefully everyone now knows the new adresse. Invite your friends and be an awesome Jungler or at least … Ready to Jungle! Cheers my friends. =)