Professional setup of the Advanced Minimap

This tutorial is showing you how to configure – or if you are new to this tool setup – your Advanced Minimap. Since this is a very important and useful feature, everyone should have it enabled. So here are the few steps doing it the professional way. Please take some time to finish it. Thanks.

Open the Advanced Minimap

Firstly you need open the Advanced Minimap by clicking on the minimap symbol on top of the Control Overlay.


Now we should get something that might look a bit unusual to you. But that’s completely ok. This window is the overlay we use to show objective durations and wards on top of the in-game minimap. That’s really cool! So let’s see what we have to do.

Advanced Minimap - Begin

Open the Settings window

We open the Settings and move right to the Advanced Minimap tab (6. tab). Here watch out for the Wardmap feature and enable it (if disabled) and hit SAVE.


This feature will show a minimap overlay when hitting the F3 key now. Pushing the F3 should look like this now.


Drag & drop and resizing the Advanced Minimap

So now let’s start a custom game and move the Advanced Minimap around by clicking on the panels and dragging it to another place (e.g. bottom right corner). You can see it does not fit there because it’s too big right now. That’s no problem!


Now hit the F3 key to check if it’s in the right place and use the combination of resize button (top left corner) and the panels (for drag & drop). This might need some time but finally it should look like the picture below. Hitting F3 the towers should fit in their place exactly and not flickering around. If not so, just play a bit more with it, it’s a real pleasure with the resize button.


Now to give you an idea how it will be displayed with wards and the objective duration, here we go. Looks quite nice, right? In this picture we used the minimized Advanced Minimap mode, too. You will now only see the maximize button and the Switch Team button. That’s all you need in-game! But don’t quit this tutorial here, we still have not saved these customizations!


Save your customizations

Now the last thing to mention is that you check whether your sizes and locations are properly written to the Settings. To do this open the Settings and get to the Advanced Minimap tab (6. tab). Make sure the sizes and locations are the same as shown in the Advanced Minimap window. Now just one click on SAVE and everything is fine. You can now restart LJTD and check if everything is at the right place as it should be. Good job so far!


That’s all or wait?! You have done a great job by customizing your LJTD to your own preferences but please save the sizes and locations to all config files you want to use! The fastest way to do this is by editing the config files in an editor like Notepad++:


A long but needed tutorial to show you how to set up the Advanced Minimap. We are aware it’s kind of complicated and not that easy at the begin. But once completed it’s really straight forward and easy to do. Have fun and now you are really Ready to Jungle! [emoji thumbs up sign]

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