LJTD 6 – with Objective Overview

The LJTD Team wishing you a happy new year! We hope all of you got a good start as we had. Let’s begin this year with another improved version of LJTD. We got a huge list of changes, features and bug fixes. We want to make sure we explain them as detailed as possible. If you have any questions just leave a comment below.

Download Version [emoji floppy disk]


Objective Overview (OO)

The OO is the main feature coming up with Version 6 of LJTD. It’s basically a separate window you can drag & drop where you want and are being able to resize it. You simply active it on the Contextmenu like in this picture.


Then you got something like this showing Blue, Red, Dragon and Baron. It’s completely independent from the Control Overlay. So the OO will work with the full-screen mode of League of Legends. Drag it to your 2nd screen and you are informed about anything in your Jungle like if you are playing in the window mode.

You can change the size and place at the start. The Names and pictures are customizable, too. If you have another idea how to support more information or even design changes just let us know.


User Modes (Basic/Expert)

With the user modes you can control what you can change and which things you can’t. We have done this to make sure new users only see the most important stuff. If you are an experienced LJTD user just hit the “Expert” button and save it on your config file. E.g Config file management is only available in Expert mode.

Write2Chat (Remember Times)

We did some additions to the Write2Chat feature. You can now automatically write some text to the chat when a Remember Time is reached. This is completely optional. You don’t have to use any of the 3 Remember Times and you can even use them all if you want to. The text is by the way customizable, too.



W2C was a big problem in Version 5 of LJTD. Sometimes it worked properly and many times there were huge misbehaviours that could lead to losing the focus on the game. There has been some investigation and finally we found a solution for this. But due to this we had to disable CTRL together with W2C. You may still use CTRL as hotkey opener. ALT is as before the recommended hotkey opener. It has the least side effects, e.g. correctly overwriting Flash and Barrier. NONE is recommended when using the num-pad.


You are no longer able to activate more than the desired Objective. This was a huge issue and should no longer happen.


TeamSync will no longer affect the behaviour of LJTD. There were happening some lags in the program when you got yourself a high ping. So you can now use TeamSync without these problems. Also wards will be placed with much more fun now. Additionally we fixed the issue that sometimes playing more than one game a button might get disabled. This shouldn’t happen anymore.


We moved the Text Overlay to the Minimap Tab in the Settings. We think this fits better over there.

Objective Names are no longer ending with ” at “. This makes it possible to even more tell LJTD what to write to the chat. Feel free to play a bit around with it. The extra ” at ” can now be set in another text-box. You can also leave it blank if you want.

The names for the objectives have been changed from e.g. “OB” to “Our Blue”. This fits better for the new Objective Overview. You can of course change it back.

TL:DR; we updated LJTD to version 6. As always have a look on the History [emoji page with curl]  page for a summary.

Summoner, now you’re Ready to Jungle!

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