Patch 3.8 – New Jungle Meta

Patch 3.8

written by the LJTD team,

LJTD (free software) hotkey tool for junglers, teams, supports, and laners

official patch video

official patch notes

Jarvan in this patch | video by stonewall  …mid elo

Nunu in this patch | one, twothree, stomp  …platinum

Volibear in this patch | video by trick  …duo normal

see this if you need more ideas for jungle paths

What Changed

Boots now cost 25 gold less. Dorans Ring costs 400 gold now

If an enemy is behind a wall, Hecarim can to hop OVER wall example video

Golems, wraiths, wolves will spawn @ 1:55 (NOT 1:40)

Golems, wraiths, wolves will respawn faster: 50 seconds (17% faster! … more jungle farm)

Blue & Red camps now give 20% more XP start blue, no wraiths, smite red for  FAST LEVEL 3!


Alistar by chris bjors

Jungle Alistar is back!  but shhh keep it a secret  `-^

Start boots + 4 pots Q-E-W. Get smiteless red/blue (use 2 pots) then do blue/red (use 2 pots & E), now GANK top/mid!

You will be level 3, mid/top will be level 2  ^-^

GANKING: wait in bush, until enemy moves in to harass/lasthit, then RUN in until you can FLASH + Q. Now Auto-Attack, and then use W to let the solo’er finish him!

After that, stay between the enemy and his tower so his flash is useless (remember you have red buff!). It’s a guaranteed kill if you land your flash combo Runes  Masteries

R.I.P. Wriggles

Morellos Wriggles

Now costs 25% more gold (2000 g), in exchange for +10 AD & +5% lifesteal.

Wriggles’ ward now lasts 90 seconds!

For that price, you might as well buy a bloodthirster (3200 gold, 100 AD, 18% lifesteal)

The only good news is: the bonus damage to monsters is no longer random: 100 magic damage per hit

Junglers to try Now


level 3 ganks  – – – –  Alistar, Jarvan, Lee, Maokai, Xin

farm more, gank faster  – – – –  Evelynn, Lee Sin, Volibear

farm more, control dragon  – – – –  Sejuani, Shyvana, Zac

underplayed in solo ranked  – – – –  Evelynn, Nocturne, Skarner

Note: Sejuani’s slow durations have been nerfed, but she benefits from jungle XP and respawn buffs

see Stonewall’s Lissandra Era tier lists for the best Fighter, Bruiser, Tank, Support, AP junglers before patch 3.8


Dont feed cassi

Always bring flat Magic Resist (MR) or MR per level glyphs.

AP Mids now have the option of buying Dorans Ring + 2 pots. If you plan to gank a strong mid you’ll need MR.

If you plan to start with boots on alistar, also use Movement Speed runes (they will multiply the bonus from boots)



LJTD 4.2

LJTD version 4.2 is out!

Hotkey and monitor up to 7 simultaneous countdowns (objectives, buffs, spells, summoners) on-screen, on the minimap, or have it sent to team chat.

^-^ Happy Jungling!  download  /  report a bug


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