Reply To: The new font

Reply To: The new font

Hey, not good to hear that. Well I just can say that the LJTD team was looking for a small Font and this was the best of them. Sur some letters can be read a little bit harder than before. E.G. “S” and “5” look the same way.

But overall the font is great. It’s small and if you want you can read all. In-game the new font looks damn good. We also tested black on white in the Settings but I can tell you that it was really ugly that way around. We also had several testers that said the recent font and black background looks the best.

I feel really sorry that you dislike the change, but I hope you understand that this tool shall be a pleasure for a big amount of users.

If you want to change the background, you actually can do that. But if I create a fallback for some users like you, it won’t work. You know, the new font can show very many letters on small space. It’s like 50% more or something like that.

You still can use the 6.3 Version. Here you can find the Download

PS: Can you especially say what you cant read. Maybe I can still change it to a way you like more. Btw you can also edit the tab picture if you wish to.