Write2Chat aka W2C is an advanced feature. It’s preset is disabled because of the reason that sometimes it’s not working properly. To fix this problem, have a look in the FAQ section.

What is Write2Chat?

W2C is a feature for automatically writing the re-spawning time of the buff to the chat. This means that after timing a buff the LJTD will open the Chat and for example writes down “@Baron 21:34”. This will lead to some advantages you will have in-game now:

  • saving time – you would instead need for writing the time down
  • exactlier timing – more precise
  • use saved time somewhere else – invading baron and stealing it, stay on the fight!


Within the Write2Chat feature you can choose between three kinds W2C shall be enabled.


This is recommended to be enabled. Writing Dragon/Baron down to the chat is always helpful. With the new TeamSync it’s still helpful if not all team mates have the LJTD installed and running. So we recommend to always use it!


Enable writing down Blue/Red if you want that your team is informed about your jungle behaviour. This is very useful if your mid team-mate is waiting for OurBlue or TheirBlue and the RedBuff as well.


This should be disabled. The time for the ward is something for youself. You should tell the team with pinging wards on the MiniMap. But of course if you want to do it automatically, enable it.

The other way to use the ward is to change it’s time as well as the picture. So you could change it to the Flash duration and it’s sign. Really epic for the advanced users.

Video Tutorial

This video tutorial helps you to understand how to activate the Write2Chat feature and how it could look in-game.


  1. M8 its looks like as pretty nice program, it doesnt work for me. Just timer works, I mean time counting, thats all…

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