Label System


The Label System of the LJTD offers an amazing in-game overview of all buffs.


There are two different kinds of Labels. They basically differ in what they announce.

Both Labels are started by clicking or using the hotkeys. The same they can be stopped by the way.

Buff Labels

The Buff Labels always display the remaining time of the suitable buff. Whenever activated the timer is ticking down to “0:00”. Then it will be reset to the basic value of the buff.

These Labels are great for yourself. Just having a look on them can decide about ganking or keep on jungling.


Endtime Labels

Endtime Labels however are tracing another strategy. They will show you the in-game time of a re-spawning buff. It’s very useful if you don’t use the Write2Chat feature.

These Label are particularly awesome for your team. If someone is asking for any exact time, you can give him the suitable in-game time easily.


Video Tutorial

This video tutorial helps you to see how the Label System will look in-game.


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