The LoL Jungle Timer Deluxe wouldn’t include a Deluxe if there are not that many ways to customize it by yourself!

What is customizable?

You can choose lots of different customizations. The LJTD shall be an eye-catcher for every user. Therefore you have the possibility to change:

  • nearly every graphical element
  • each color the LJTD offers
  • blinking sound of the Advanced Minimap
  • animations of the Advanced Minimap
  • behavior of the LJTD

Why there is not every small detail set-able?

We of course know about the fact that there might be things unchangeable at the moment. Well we have to say that this program is not only for the pro gamers of League of Legends but also for beginners. So we had especially a look on not giving too many configurations for not overflowing the Config System.

There will come more and more features with another bundle of settings. Our aim is a software that is most customizable after all. So every update will bring you a step closer and us to the accomplishment of this project. But this will still be a long way to pass. Attend us on this way summoner!

Video Tutorial

Here we have created a video tutorial which will show the different files and settings that are customizable for the LoL Jungle Timer Deluxe.


  1. when i press save it alters the program however when i close it and reopen it all my changes are gone why is this??

    • Please check if your configuration file is at the right place and also has the new settings updated. I’m also available for TeamViewer support if needed.

  2. First of all I want to say that you should really update your Video, since it’s a tutorial for patch 3. something and we’re already up on 5.

    I think this tool is a smart idea but I have some issues, I think the “ingame” window showing the timers is massive and clumsy, I think the hitbox on the timer is really small which makes it a massive pain clicking and falling off a second or two.

    Write to chat is not working, or at least I can’t get it to work. I have no tutorial to go after since it’s outdated, everything is outdated on similar matters.

    I don’t know what to say. I’m a bit disappointed.

    • Hi, I hope you understand that this is a completely free project with guys working on with pleasure and we all want to give the users the best experience we can. But we can’t do all the stuff we want. Of course we want to have new video tutorials but actually we don’t have someone who wants to speak it. We plan about a video with text and some music background. But we also believe that just an update would be better. So you see our complicated situation.

      To your other problems: You can use the feature “Disable Show Panel Mode”. Also make sure to use hotkeys instead of clicking the buffs. This way you wont have lags too.

      For Write2Chat issues have a look here: the last times someone had problems, just adding admin rights helped him. Tell me if it worked please. Well could you tell me which text tutorial is outdated. I tried at least to keep them up2date. And as I said new videos are planned. But better to have some instead just having text tutorials?

      Looking forward for your feedback. We more like happy users. =) Hope I can help you.

  3. Hey nice job on this tool. I want to edit the positions of each button. Can you show me which file I need to edit to move the buttons and timers.


    • Wow, ok noone has ever asked to move them. And it would be too hard to make them switchable or something. These are not planned to be moved sorry. But you can use Slide and some other features. Do you have other questions?

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