LoL Jungle Timer Deluxe offers many features for professional gaming and jungle observing. To control all these given functions we recommend you to watch the tutorial about the Configuration of the LJTD and of course the Introduction video before. There you get to know all you need about proceeding changes coming in further versions.

Why not offering an usual jungle timer?

We wanted to make something different with the LoL Jungle Timer Deluxe. This tool offers lots of set-able settings. All you really could need is implemented or coming for the future. There is no setting no one would use some day. So you have the choice if you want all these features or selecting just some of them.

What differs the LJTD from other Jungle Timers?

The LoL Jungle Timer Deluxe is free and Open Source. Everyone can write us an E-mail and give feedback to improve the timer step by step or doing it on your own with the project’s Source Code. Be part of this program and join our Forum as well.

Is there any comparable software like the LJTD?

At the moment there is no other software like the LJTD with the same functions and update cycles. There are many other programs offering a simple mechanic like timing some things. But none of them have ever been able to do other stuff like timing infinite wards.


Advanced Minimap

The Advanced  Minimap is an overlay for the Minimap of League of Legends. This optimized version of the Minimap is bringing you cool features and never let you forget any buff, dragon or baron anymore.

Buff Timing

Buff Timing with the LoL Jungle Timer Deluxe is a cakewalk. Let’s have a look why.


The LoL Jungle Timer Deluxe is easily configured. Just to make sure everyone has understood how to do this, this site will help new summoners to get an overview about all configuration settings.


The LoL Jungle Timer Deluxe wouldn’t include a Deluxe if there are not that many ways to customize it by yourself!

Game Clock

The Game Clock of the LJTD is the ticking clock on the top of this program.

Label System

The Label System of the LJTD offers an amazing in-game overview of all buffs.


Slide is one of the first features for the LJTD. It’s mainly used to save space for League of Legends.


TeamSync is an amazing feature for pre-made teams. It will synchronize objectives and wards with any player using the same key.


Write2Chat aka W2C is an advanced feature. It’s preset is disabled because of the reason that sometimes it’s not working properly. To fix this problem, have a look in the FAQ section.


  1. Freaking awesome tool you have here. Used the StackTimer a long time. But now I have to say I have wasted so much time with dat. That tool here is really that what I wanted to use. Ohman this tool should really be published on da LoL site. Thx man and good luck for the future.

  2. Nicely done indeed. It would be a blast if this jewel here could count-down ultimates of enemies… maybe allies as well. At least a manual tool could suffice, with something to add cooldown reduction to it(press button +/- 5% cd).

    • Indeed we already thought about that. But imagine every game has different cooldowns with so many different times etc. Without reading out memory of LoL it’s nearly impossible to time it well.

      So that’s something that won’t be really used by the community. If you want to time summoners spells or skills, simply configure it in your LJTD. You can switch picture and cooldowns. Cooldown reduce isn’t actually implemented.

  3. would be cool if you could mark enemy wards on the minimap.
    and if teamfeature is active, it would copy over to teamplayers minimaps.
    it could have a 180sec auto runout system and a wardclear system as well.

    • Hi, I don’t know what you mean. The Wardmap feature is for enemy wards. So this is what you are searching for. And Team Sync already works with the Wardmap. Maybe you concretize your question please. MAybe I just didn’t understand you.

  4. Hey just two simple questions: first of all, will it ever get outdated? like if lol needs a patch do i have to wait for this to get patched? do i get banned for using this?

    • Hey jangud, no it will not get outdated at any time. It is portable and there is no reason for Riot to even say it’s forbidden as well as they could not even detect it since it does not change the memory of the game like other timer (Mk-jogo) do. A patch is not much interesting for LJTD. As I said it’s portable. Completely independant from what’s going on in LoL. I recommend reading one of my article about why LJTD is fully legal: http://www.ljtd.eu/reasons-jungle-timer-legal/

      Do you have further questions? You can also use our forum =)


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