LJTD Version 5 – Config file management and Contextmenu

Hello my friends of LJTD. We have released our new Version 5 right now. Actually we didn’t want it to go v5 already but the changes were too big for just a smaller iteration. [emoji ok hand sign]

Download Version [emoji floppy disk]

Info & Changes

This version is mainly improving the usability of LJTD. The main feature you got now is the Config File Management. You got 5 different Settings by default which you can adjust the way you want. They contain all the configuration data for LJTD. With a new version just copy them into the new directory as you did before with the only one file.


Choosing another Setting in the Dropdown menus will automatically edit the Settings to the actual file. You don’t need to hit the SAVE button therefor. On the Contextmenu you will as I already said have additional available features. We will add more and more things with later updates.


Other Changes

We also changed some cosmetic things. The Ward Timer on the right top when enabled is now the Flash Timer. The reason why this was needed is that we wanted to make sure users pay more attention to the Wardmap. It’s a great feature for timing infinite wards. So there is no real need for timing a single ward. But for users that liked it we still let the old ward graphics in the resource folder for an easy fallback.

Buffs are now named Objectives. The problem with the word buff was that they are not really all buffs. Mainly the Baron and Dragon are Objectives. So it made sense to rename them all to make it more clear.

Another cool thing is that you only have to locate your main Riot Games Folder. There is no need of a long path anymore.

TL:DR; as always have a look on the History [emoji page with curl]  page for a summary.

Summoner, now you’re Ready to Jungle!