LJTD for League of Legends v.

Which changes are coming within this version?

The main feature of this version is the rework to some features and design issues in the Config GUI. There has also been a bugfix that LJTD won’t start without internet connection. Now it correctly starts in that case.

Go to the Download section for an information overview.

The first big thing was the change to the input of your hotkeys. It was really creepy and confusing with all these numbers. There was no real need to do that. So now it is much more user friendly. Simply choose one textbox and write letters, numbers, F-keys and whatever. No longer there will be char displayed that make no sense.


The second big thing was that sometimes when users looked above the Config GUI, they were a bit confused by all these gray things. This has now been changed, too. Everything that is customizable is now in gray. Explanations and things like that fit better into background design now.

Visit the History page for a full list of change within this version.

What to regard in this version?

Make sure to check your hotkeys. There might be conflicts with the old implementation. Just check in case 😉

Summoner, now you’re Ready to Jungle!