Reasons this Jungle Timer is legal

This post should give you some idea about why LoL Jungle Timer Deluxe is completely allowed to use for League of Legends.


Many users are still unsure if using a Jungle Timer like LJTD can cause punishments for their accounts. It’s correct that Riot often says third-party programs are not allowed. But often they forget to mention that the main reason is that there are many other programs working like hacks, cheats or other bad input for the game itself. They are giving an advantage they wouldn’t have without these special tools. Well some guys might think now LJTD is doing so, too. But it’s not like that. Let’s go together into more detail.

No automatism

The user always has to start

      • objectives,
      • wards,
      • and all the other things LJTD can do for you

on his own.

Imagine you have a clock in front of you to time e.g. objectives. This clock is coded with a 7 min count-down for e.g. Baron. Now take 6 of them and you have the same result LJTD does. Simple counting down and playing a sound when a specific time was reached.

Let’s now see what Write2Chat does. It writes something to your chat e.g. the re-spawn time of an objective. But the fact is you could do the same thing on your own. LJTD is just faster but it’s still possible to do it without this tool.

Now we compare LJTD with the ban-able “LoL Helper Tool“. We really recommend to NOT use this one, it just shall give an argument why LJTD is completely allowed. So LoLHT is like a Bot showing hidden information and able to do things automatically for you. Here are some of them:

      • showing enemy tower attack radius
      • showing enemy attack ranges
      • showing enemy champion skill ranges
      • showing possible enemy skills available with current mana
      • automatically smiting buffs when smite will be able to kill it
      • automatically using barrier when next hit would be your death

As you can see these points are not available without this tool. So it’s a hack that will cause suspension in all cases. Really don’t use this tool. Don’t risk a ban and just train to get better. This is how League should be =) !

Not changing any files

Riot is writing in their ToS:

Using any unauthorized third-party programs, including but not limited to “mods,” “hacks,” “cheats,” “scripts,” “bots,” “trainers,” and automation programs, that interact with the Software in any way, for any purpose, including, without limitation, any unauthorized third-party programs that intercept, emulate, or redirect any communication between the Software and Riot Games and any unauthorized third-party programs that collect information about the Game by reading areas of memory used by the Software to store information.

LJTD does neither change any file on your system nor manipulates your running League of Legends Client or even parts of your RAM. It’s a portable tool that can be moved anywhere you would like to have it. There is no need to integrate it into the LoL folder. The configuration and all the other important things are given in the LJTD folder. As already said it has no dependencies or influences. Even if Riot says all Jungle Timer are forbidden now, there is no way Riot could suspense you for using LJTD. Since our tool has no impact on League of Legends Riot cannot detect/ban it. You don’t have to be afraid my friend. It has never been anyone banned for this.

Due to no changes of League of Legends files happen – compared to other Jungle Timers – there is no update needed when LoL is patched. So always run your LJTD version you want to have. You can download an older version here. We recommend using always the latest because it’s always getting better and with even more features. But it’s your decision at least.

It’s also impossible that your League of Legends client will crash when using LJTD. You can see LJTD as a completely stand-alone tool like Firefox. The only dependencies it has is Write2Chat. Write2Chat sends a text to the game. But this is like clicking a URL in a chat tool that opens Firefox. So this is also an allowed mechanic at least.

Well-known developer

As an experienced developer my principal purpose is to give the best user experience that is possible. There will never be a day I favor illegal things and get you in any trouble. The users will always get a verified version from a pool of testers. Releasing a new version is always delayed so that issues that might need some time to happen will get the chance to appear.

This project is funded on my own. So LJTD is NOT dependant from other big companies or institutions. I basically thought this great game needs a really good Jungle Timer for free and an authentic code-base within. But if you could support this project I would be very glad about this. You really can help me out here if you want! We are and we will not use advertising to finance this project independant of your donantions.

Source Code online

Everyone can look behind the scenes what is happening in the code-base internal. If you are interested in how LJTD works you have the possiblity to get a look inside at least. You are also able to send in bugs on our Forum to even improve this tool or even join us as another tester. Some of you already helped us a lot there! You’re really awesome.

If your Anti-Virus tool gives a warning window you can simply ignore that and allow the connection to the LJTD-servers. You might get this because of the technology behind the hotkeys. LJTD is using global hotkeys to make sure it always gets your input even when you are in-game. There is currently no other way to get your input. Make also sure you run LJTD with admin-right because some technologies of LJTD will just work properly with them. But you can always try out LJTD without them for sure.

You also don’t need an account to run LJTD. Simply download, run it and have fun!

As you can see LJTD is not infringing any term of Riot’s ToS. As a conclusion you can say there are some tools that should be avoided but LJTD does not belong to them in any aspect.