Jungle Spawn Times

In League of Legends it’s quite important to know about the exact spawn and of course re-spawn times for the jungle minions.


First of all if you are new to the game you should get to know the names for each of the camps. They are not that hard to learn and often there many possible ways to call them in-game like “Baron” or “Nash” which exactly means the same thing. So here is a small picture which shows up the official names and the minimap position for them.

Jungle Spawn Times - Names

Spawn Times

Now that the names are clear we can go over to have a look at the times when the monsters will spawn the first time.

Jungle Spawn Times - Spawn Times

  • Wraiths/Wights/Big Golem/Wolves: 2:05
  • Ancient Golem/Lizards: 1:55
  • Dragon: 2:30
  • Baron Nashor: 15:00

Re-Spawn Times

To know when these minions spawn the first time is important but to continue and dominate in the jungle or force baron or dragon fights you also have to keep an eye on these objectives. So also try to track them until they re-spawn. Mostly it’s not that easy because there are also other aims in the game but at least you should try it.

Jungle Spawn Times - Re-Spawn Times

  • Wraiths/Wights/Big Golem/Wolves: 50 sec
  • Ancient Golem/Lizards: 5 min
  • Dragon: 6 min
  • Baron Nashor: 7 min

These are the basics for all that is necessary about jungle monsters and their spawn times. To learn more about additional things like the xp and gold you earn by killing them or even the times for Twisted Treeline, check out the official LoL Wiki about Jungling.

What also can help are Jungle Timers like LJTD that among others support you with timing the important objectives. If you are new to this game or not yet a Jungle master we advise you to give it a try. It is completely free, Open Source and allowed by Riot Games.

Edit1: added Wights