Riot planning own Jungle Timer

Riot is doing some crazy stuff if you ask me. First of all they ban Curse Voice because of timing jungle camps automatically and now they do it as well. But you can’t ban cheating software if you develop it yourself Riot…

But let’s start with the recent news of Riot Headquarter two weeks ago.

They called it Focus on Mastery:

Boiling down what we talked about in our design values, League of Legends provides three basic paths to mastery: personal expertise, teamwork, and adaptability – our focus will be on the first. Personal expertise is a complex soup of skills but we can generally agree that elements like mechanical mastery, situational awareness, and game knowledge are vital ingredients.

So they say gamers should not focus on good timing anymore. They can now use this timer and create new strategies on setting up masteries and so on. But that’s bullshit! Skill is not a good account, it’s the player itself!

But is it really needed to push newbies more and more? Isn’t the game already easy enough? Do they really need those bot-like software when they start playing?

Here is a view of the timer in-game.


LJTD’s way

Well LJTD is really going in a complete other way. This tool is much harder to get running. =) Haha. Surely it’s easy if you know how to configure it but it’s still more difficult than a built-in timer like this one from Riot.

So why does Riot present a Jungle Timer that automatically time your jungle?

Riot’s idea

I think Riot does not know how to behave on critical comments. They said they implemented the timer because people are non-stop asking for it. But I think that’s not true or just half the truth.

Players are asking for so many other stuff and nothing happens. IMHO Riot wants to lower the external tools as best as possible. Not any longer getting support requests “Is this tool allowed” or “Will I be banned for this and that” that’s what Riot wants. It can also reduce the amount of player with malwared software.

How Riot’s timer work

Their timer is very simple. If you hit the tab-key you will be able to see the timer. And for every Jungle camp you clear this objective will be ticking down from there on. You don’t have to do anything by yourself.

These two pictures are showing how the timer will look in-game.



Result of Riot’s Jungle Timer

Yeah actually that’s bad for all creators like me that really want to spread awesome tools for free. Riot really gives a fuck on those ones if you ask me.

It’s still not clear if the timer will actually come. But when it comes there will be another shitstorm for sure. As a player you should invest time to get a helping tool and not to get it by doing nothing.

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