Stand Alone


I’m often asked if users have to update the LoL Jungle Timer Deluxe after a LoL Update. So I thought this Stand Alone page will help to explain why there is no need for.

What means Stand Alone?

Stand Alone means that the LJTD has no no dependency to League of Legends. No hack or direct influence, LJTD is a like an external tool that doesn’t change anything. As you might have seen it is portable and doesn’t write anything to the Windows Registry.

Deletion and Updates

You might ask yourself what happens within an update or if you want to delete the tool.


Therefore just erase the folder where the executable file is located in. Hope to see you again my friend.


As I already told in the FAQ section, you simply save the old “LJTD.ini” file and overwrite it into the new directory. Now start LJTD as you usually do.

Is it approved?

Yes it is. We already asked the Riot Staff and they approved it. The reason is that nothing is used without any mention of the owner. All public used files are referenced and nothing of your LoL Client is ever changed.