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Features 0.1. Control Overlay 1.1. Recommended: Windows 7 & Vista 2.1. Step 4 – Check your Settings 3.1. Admin Rights 4.1. Mac and Linux
Install 0.2. Write2Chat (W2C) 1.2. Requires: .NET Framework 4 2.2. Step 5 – Test your Setup 3.2. Low FPS 4.2. Control Overlay (less graphics)
Setup 0.3. Advanced Minimap 1.3. About Antivirus Warnings 2.3. Step 6 – Start LJTD 3.3. LoL Folder (location) 4.3. Control Overlay (on 2nd monitor)
Common Problems 0.4. Settings 1.4. Step 1 – Set LoL to Borderless 3.4. Aero 4.4. Save/Import old Settings
Other 0.5. Objective Overview 1.5. Step 2 – Auto-Hide Taskbar 3.5. Numpad Hotkeys
0.6. Contextmenu 1.6. Step 3 – Download & Unpack

Section 0: Features

0.1. Control Overlay

Manage your objectives. Track the exact time the next objective will spawn.


Game Clock synching with League of Legends when a game starts (needs AutoStart configured and enabled).

0.2. Write2Chat (W2C)

W2C records all your timers directly in the team chat.


Use W2C hotkeys to automatically send messages to chat.

0.3. Advanced Minimap

LJTD’s exclusive minimap extension. Tracks seconds for every objective, and shows wards.

Advanced Minimap









Wards will change their color at 00:30 and 00:10. Buffs pinging at 01:00, 00:30 and 00:10 (switching from orange/orange/red).

0.4. Settings

Configure LJTD, in plenty of different ways!


The Settings manages settings for: Hotkeys, Appearance, Setup, Chat Messages, Advanced Minimap, Twisted Treeline, Team Sync, Updates and much more!

0.5. Objective Overview

The Objective Overview shows up all objectives. You can use it if you want to play with full-screen mode and having another screen to show this window there. It also displays a finish status overlay for any objective on the minimap.

Objective Overview

You can also resize it the way you want. It automatically rescales the form and all other things that are needed.

0.6. Contextmenu

The Contextmenu is the main configuration window. You will need it to open several windows like: Settings/config file and Objective Overview. But you can also quick access Write2Chat and change your active config file.


To open the Contextmenu simply right the LJTD icon in the taskbar of Windows. To close this window, just hit it again with a rightclick on it. To close LJTD completely, hit the X in the top left corner.

Section 1: Install

1.1. Recommended: Windows 7 & Vista

LJTD is designed for Windows 7, 8 and Vista. There are problems with Windows XP, e.g.: visual bugs.

If you want it to run on MAC, have a look here (notice untested!).

1.2. Required: .Net Framework 4

You should download the latest version of the .Net Framework directly from Microsoft.

You can check your .NET Framework version here.

1.3. About Antivirus warnings

Some antivirus software may flag LJTD as a threat. This is because of the way LJTD uses macros to control keyboard input while running. You can test LJTD with VirusTotal or have a look at our source code.

Many summoners are using AVAST as AntiVirus tool. Please make sure you add LJTD as an exception and always run the latest AVAST update. There has already been users who needed to finish the update to get e.g. TeamSync working. I can’t speak for any other program so far, so please contact the developer if you’re not quite sure.

1.4. Step 1 > Set LoL to Borderless

League of Legends should be run in borderless or windowed mode, otherwise LJTD will not show as an game overlay.
Create and start a custom game, and make sure your Video settings are set to “Borderless” windowed mode (recommended).

Windowed Mode - Borderless

Full-screen is now also supported – but not recommended – since Version 6. Enable the Objective Overview by clicking on the green eye in the Contextmenu. This will show up another window which will give you an overview on all objectives. You can drag it to another screen and play on your main screen in full-screen mode now.


1.5. Step 2 > Hide Taskbar

LJTD can cause the Windows taskbar to show up during your game. To fix this, you must set your taskbar to Auto-Hide: “Windows taskbar” -> deselect “Auto-hide the taskbar” (“Taskbar” tab). This is no feature of LJTD but might help you to get a better user experience.

1.6. Step 3 > Download and Unpack

Download LJTD if not already done. Now open the LJTD.rar:

  1. Download and install WinRAR or 7zip (if you don’t have already)
  2. Right Click on the LJTD.rar, and select “Extract Here”

Now you can start LJTD by opening the folder you just have extracted and searching for the executable.

Section 2: Setup

2.1. Step 4 > Check your Settings

Open LJTD Settings:

  1. right-click on the “LoL Jungle Timer Deluxe” tray icon in the taskbar.
  2. choose “Settings”. (a config file is also available for advanced users)

If you still have problem visit the configuration page.

2.2. Step 5 > Test your Setup

With the following steps you can find out if your setup is running properly:

  1. Start “LoL Jungle Timer Deluxe.exe”
  2. Create a custom game in League of Legends: Play -> Custom -> Join/Create -> Create Game
  3. Pick your Map, and Settings, and start the game
  4. The Control Overlay – Game Clock should start with the LoL in-game time.
  5. Use your hotkeys and the button icons in the Control Overlay to start/reset timers
  6. Hold F3 (default) to place wards on the Advanced Minimap

2.3. Step 6 > Start LJTD

The Start/Stop icon will be red if LJTD has started. Otherwise it will be green and the Game Clock will be paused.


To start or stop LJTD, just press the Start/Stop icon once. Normally it will AutoStart on the default settings.

Section 3: Common Problems

3.1. Admin Rights

Admin rights have to be enabled for this program. This could be the reason the hotkeys and Write2Chat don’t work or why you see an error.
To enable Admin Rights, exit LJTD, right-click on LoL Jungle Timer Deluxe.exe -> select “Properties” -> switch to “Compatibility” tab -> “Privilege Level” box -> turn on “Run this program as an administrator” -> press “Apply“.

3.2. Low FPS

If LJTD causes your FPS to drop below 60 FPS, you may notice this in-game. It is recommended to play with least 40 FPS. To increase your FPS:

  1. Close other programs, especially Firefox, Chrome, and Skype. (check your Task Manager to see what process is using a lot of memory)
  2. Disable unnecessary Aero features. Control Panel: “System and Security” or “Control Panel” -> “System” -> “Advanced System Settings” -> “Advanced” tab -> “Performance” box -> “Settings” button -> choose “Custom…” and turn off “Use visual style for windows and buttons“. Don’t forget to hit apply.
  3. Install Windows x64. This will allow your computer to use more than 2GB RAM (4GB is recommended)

3.3. LoL Folder (location)

You have to tell AutoStart where to find the logs that are just created after the game the starts and stops loading.

Open the LJTD settings, and set the location of the “Riot Games” folder (normally it is: “C:\Riot Games“). If you have chosen a custom folder, please make sure it includes the folder “League of Legends”.


Garena users can also use AutoStart. You just have to enable the full location feature. Instead just locating to “Riot Games” you now have to locate to the Log-Folder of you LoL installation.


3.4. Aero

Deactivation of Windows Aero is known to cause problems for LJTD. Please turn on Aero (if it’s off), by changing your Windows Theme:

  1. Windows 7: right-click on your desktop and choose “Personalize” (choose Aero theme) OR go to: “Control Panel” -> “Appearance and Personalization” -> “Personalization” (choose Aero theme).
  2. Windows Vista: right-click on desktop, choose Personalize, click on “Window Color and Appearance”, click on “Open classic appearance properties for more color options”, choose Color scheme: “Windows Aero” and Apply.

3.5. Numpad Hotkeys

If you are using the Numpad for hotkeys, you have to be careful to always turn on NumLock when setting the hotkey, and when using the hotkey. Or keep it turned off, both for setting and use.

Section 4: Other

4.1. Mac and Linux

We don’t recommend that you try to run LJTD on Mac or Linux, but if you do, please tell us about your experiences in the forums.

If you want to try it, here are some tools you can use to attempt some workaround:

  1. Crossover, to run LJTD (on mac and linux)
  2. Aflot, to keep LJTD on top of LoL (mac only, untested)

Note: Mac users should use the Bootcamp Assistant to install Windows 7 x64 for best performance.

4.2. Control Overlay (less graphics)

You can run the Control Overlay without the graphic border, to reduce its footprint. To disable the border, go to the 5th tab of the LJTD settings and enable “Show LJTD in Panel Design“.


4.3. Control Overlay (on 2nd monitor)

You can run the Control Overlay on a 2nd monitor (and play LoL on your 1st monitor). This also allows you to play in full-screen mode – besides Objective Overview – , but if you do so, you will not see the Advanced Minimap!

To change the X, Y coordinates where the Control Overlay will appear, change LJTD_START_X= and LJTD_START_Y= (this settings is only available in the config text file – available from the LJTD taskbar icon). You can also use negative X, Y values if necessary.

4.4. Save/Import old Settings

You can find your Settings in your LJTD folder. Look into the folder “res”, for text files ending with “.ini”. Copy all or select the files you want to save and move it to the same location in the new LJTD folder. Open the new LJTD program, open the settings and click “Save” (important when the new version got some new features).


  1. Hi, i’ve been using this jungle timer for awhile now (6months)
    i’d been keeping the program up to date and everything is working perfectly
    after updating the patch v. (2 patches ago), my write to chat just suddenly stop working
    just wondering where could i download the older version of this program
    or is there a hotfix to it on the next coming update??
    i just want W2C work again
    please help

    • Hi, we could upload elder versions of course. But that shouldn’t be the your way.

      Let’s try to find your issue. Did you change anything else since this old version?

      Nvm just test the elder version

      • I dont know if it is the way it should work but i gotta say that the write2chat works , if you open the chat first and just click a buff for the timer afterwards.
        I press enter and then i make sure to click for the timer and and program writes it to the chat . 😀

  2. Heyo.

    This looks so promising but unfortunately my FPS drop so hard I cannot use it.

    I have tried disabling ‘Using visual style for windows and buttons’ but that did nothing.

    Is there a way around it?


    • Yes, you’r not the only one with this problem. What helped other is:
      – install new graphic driver
      – updating Net.Framework
      – making sure the timer is either completely over the game or out of the game
      – after every try please restart your PC, recommend this because some guys told me that it worked after trying that, dunno why 😉
      – also try the change some video settings ingame, this should help, I get tell you with me it works perfectly with Windows 7 64 bit system, never had any problems

      Hope that it will help. Leave a comment.

        • Well what is 100%ly working is if you have 2 screens! Then run League of Legends in Fullscreen mode and switch LJTD to the other screen.

          But I’m unsure what else is missing at your PC =/. Btw you don’t have to say sorry =)

  3. Hi, gratz for your tool, it looks like a lot! of work. I love how customizable it is. What would be cool though would be if i were able to
    a) adjust the size. when placing it on my 2nd screen i’d like it to be bigger.
    b) choose the font seen in the youtube videos on your homepage. I guess they are from older versions and even though u can opt out the panel design, it doesnt look as ” organized” or “clean” as the one in the video.

    again, aoppreciate your efforts. thx a lot!
    btw, feel free to answer in german if u like 😉


    • Hi,
      a)You can’t change the size, it would be too hard to implement such a feature. If you know something about designing u know why.
      b)Yes this was version You can use this old design, too. Therefor have a look in the Config GUI.

      English is as well good

  4. Hi!

    Ich habe 2 Probleme:

    1. Mein Autostart funktioniert nicht.

    Pfad: C:\Program Files (x86)\Riot Games\League Of Legends\League of Legends\Logs\Game – R3d Logs

    2. W2C funktioniert nicht habe aber ein recht guten Laptop. Also LoL läuft da mit 60 FPS und 4GB RAM

    Hoffe du kannst mir helfen.


    • Hi,
      1. Ein Neustart des Programms ist notwendig damit AutoStart funktioniert. Das ist aber das einzige Feature, dass speziell einen benötigt, keine Angst. Wird sicher bald gefixt werden der Bug.

      2. Hast du dir schon die diversen anderen Threads und die Faq durchgelesen? Gibt unterschiedliche Möglichkeiten an denen es liegen kann. Bitte checke dies zunächst.

      Vielen Dank.

  5. hi , i have a problem , when i download the file ,isnt a zig folder , it just i paper sheat , i tryed to move it in a zig folder and compress it but nothing work

  6. Whenever my mouse isn’t over the GUI at the top with all of the timers it has this horrible black border how do I remove this?

  7. when i download the file , it stay as a paper sheat , not inside a zip foler , so if u cant help me , would appreciate, thanks you

  8. I tried to use it in game,everything was fine..just that it is laggy when i use it in game,is there any solution to solve it?

    • Is it just that laggy in-game? Try to watch if the LJTD is using a high amount of your CPU or if your LoL Client is just dropping fps because of loosing focus. You might to ensure that your game always has the focus!

  9. Hi guys, you made a great tool 🙂
    I got a question: is it possible, to make the timers in game ‘unclickable’? I only use hotkeys, and i dont want to loose fokus when i accidently click it, nor do i wanna loose the right time.
    If not, is there a way to remove the small pics and the gametime (gametime is on the right side of screen anyway)? Just to make it more handy (I removed the panels already).
    Thanks for the tool & an answer 🙂

    • Wow many stuff to answer! I just want to say some things you might not already have noticed because I’m not sure you already understood the whole program. But no problem, so just to make sure:

      1. If you are using the Slides you can’t click any button.
      2. Clicking an element of LJTD always letting you switch back to the game.
      3. Using hotkeys don’t lead to any focus loss.
      4. You can use LJTD without Panel design.

      You see I don’t really understand all your problems. Please concretize your issues. Thanks.

  10. Thanks for this. I just started using it.
    I have a two problems/questions.
    1.) When i remove the panel with the GUI, it removes itself but comes back after a while (if not in the same game it’s back when I start another one). Bug or should i check my settings?

    2.) Write2Chat isn’t working. I’m guessing it has to do with my laptop being kinda slow, so my question is, how should I change the delays. To what numbers aprox? I was playing with it for an hour but couldn’t get it to work stable. It worked for a couple of minutes, then went back to not working. (btw, I’m only using hotkeys)

    Plus, big props for the ward map. It’s usability is incedible 🙂

    Thanks again,

    • 1.) after changing any settings, you must click the “Save” button on the current tab. Save button will only save settings on the tab currently open. Write back if that doesn’t fix it for u. (@kwoxer, FAQ 2.1 should mention this)

      2) You’re the second person to publicly report an issue with W2C on LJTD v4.2. I recommend 100,100,100 delays. If that doesn’t produce results and you still think it’s your hardware (what specs have u got? specifically OS and ram), u can try 500/500/500 but so high delays (1/2 second) may attract other problems or even bugs.

      if u can link me your config file text (with something like pastebin.com) we could see if there is a problem with some settings you have. Btw you are running LJTD version 4.2?

  11. Please help me,
    when I try to start the preogramm it says the problem can’t start because MSVCR100_CLR0400.dll doesn’t exist. It tells me to reinstall the Programm. I hope I translated it correctly. I reinstalled it twice already….

  12. Hey there. Cool program you have here. I’ve been trying to use it, But I have this problem when trying to use the minimap (or even clicking on the gui portion of the program at all), where, the map viewbox somehow becomes locked onto my cursor, and I have to left click to get it off. Is there any way around this problem? maybe I configures something wrong.

    Thanks for the help -Jose

    • No this is actually normal behaviour. I know the reason for this bug. But it should only happen like 10% in all szenarios. It happens:
      – when you click on the Wardmap to add a ward
      – when clicking an objective button
      – or even elements like the swith team button.

      The reason for this issue is that LJTD is trying to set back the focus to the game. So the user shouldn’t recognize that you left the game and are actually focusing the timer. But somehow it sometimes sets back focus to League of Legends in the way you described it. Due to using the offical method for setting back focus I think it’s a problem with LoL. But nevermind do you wish to select if you want this “focus setting”? Shouldn’t be that hard the give the possibility. For myself I like this focus feature and this bug is reseted as you said with simply clicking in LoL.

  13. Everything works, the only thing that does not work it the overlay. It does not appear in LoL. Can you help me?

  14. Hi! I downloaded the LJTD.rar and extract the map inside but.
    LoL Jungle Timer Deluxe only gives me an error message like:

    C:\Users\Jungli133\Desktop\LJTD\LoL Jungle Timer Deluxe.exe
    A reference is returned from the server.

    Do you know the problem? (Its the first time I download it)

    • Yeah, sure. Have a look into the folder you just downloaded. You see a German troubleshooting file in there. Just give this tool admin rights and you can start it. Why admin right are needed is described in it, too. Have fun with our timer. See you in advance in our forums.

  15. Awesome thing you have here Thanks alot for making it public. Quick question though. It states that you can customise the settings of the system by right clicking the icon in the taskbar and clicking properties, I do not have this option, and thus cannot change the properties. Do you have any advice for this?

  16. Hey! I have a question about the Jungle Timer: After I kill a buff monster, I use my hotkey to start the timer, but if I accidentally left-click it resets all buff timers. How can I fix this so left-click will not reset?

    • Hey, well sorry but if you reset a timer, it’s not the issue of LJTD, you know. =/

      I could implement what you want, for sure. But let’s think about timing the wrong objective and now it’s untimeable for about 5 mins. That’s a bigger disadvantage than your problem is.

      So care a bit more about what you time. LJTD is helping to time but cannot be used to react to all user error that might happen. It’s not against you my friend. It’s just thatnoone else is having this problem and it would not improve LJTD. So it wont come, sorry.

  17. Hey if I rightclick the Tray icon i dont have the option to open the GUI. It only gives me 3 Options: Open the Programm, Remove the Programm from Taskbar or close it.
    Any Idea how i can get into the GUI in a different way?

  18. Hi, so autostart feature doesn’t work for me I was trying to setup it up like usually but I can’t get it working anymore. I have lol in custom folder so i used absolute location, i’ve tried also normal location etc and it’s not working, any help? I have aero on, I added admin rights, I have net framework 4.5.2 and it was working before for me.

    • Damnit, it seems that Riot has changed the way of logging. I could now get it working. But then it will be a delay of 30 seconds. Because in the logs there is just written when the game starts loading. I think you now have to do it on you own the starting =/

  19. So can you do something to atleast have LJTD show up when game starts? because it’s not even showing, so I need to click it on tray then start.

  20. Works like a charm, thank you 🙂 but any idea why chat macros are not working? I mean they work only in the first run, then to get it working in second game I need to restart LJTD.

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