LoL Jungle Timer Deluxe v.4 with TeamSync!

Welcome to the brand new version of the LoL Jungle Timer Deluxe. This LJTD version includes the latest feature TeamSync. Although we are already on version 4 there will be further addons also in the future. I would say let’s start with this feature right now before discussing bug fixes. Here we go.

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TeamSync is a feature to synchronize times with your friends. Mainly these friends should be your team. So they will be informed by any change upcoming in-game.

TeamSync in ConfigGUI with Key Settings

TeamSync in ConfigGUI with Key Settings

For instance: let’s say you have timed Baron, so your whole team will see this in real time. This really helps your team because everyone knows about any buff without spamming it to the chat. Using TeamSpeak also reduces speeches to your team about upcoming buffs. This decreases your frustration level and enhances your win ratio immense.

TeamSync comes up with different right levels. Choosing Full access causes your whole team has writing access. This is not always desirable. If you wish to be the only one changing Buff or Ward times choose Read access in the key generation process.

But that’s not all TeamSync will offer for you. Besides this you can also perform this with your WardMap. So timing infinite wards is available (you need to enable the WardMap in the Config GUI). The functionality to delete cleared wards also works as well as when wards reaching their 180 seconds. Clearing the explorer ward is thereby also possible to manage.

TeamSync with an generated key

TeamSync with an generated key

For further information about TeamSync visit the TeamSync page.


There has been made some changes to the Config GUI background. It was somehow way too annoying. So you have eased images there now. The Advanced MiniMap also got some changes. Here u can have look how it will look in this new version.

New Advanced MiniMap Version 4

New Advanced MiniMap Version 4


LJTD got some nice rework to each MiniMap picture so far. This means Summoners Rift and Twisted Treeline got it’s updated version now. By the way Twisted Treeline (TT) is now fully reworked and Vilemaw correctly implemented. So playing in TT works again. Of course the size of the new minimaps were also edited. Have a look if it still works for your screen resolution!

Another cool fix came to the AutoStart feature. Normally you had to restart LJTD to get it to work. Now simply click on SAVE.

There are some more fixes but really tiny ones. Just to mention a last fixed issue that has embarrassed some guys of you. What I mean is the bug when you switch out of the game and for instance writing something on your browser you are switched back to your LoL Client every time. This has been resolved now.

What to attend in this version?

Make sure to check your Advanced MiniMap size and solution. Pushing your WardMap key should lead to have the same overlay like your in-game Minimap (preset is 1600 x 1050 pixels). Just check in case 😉

TL;DR Visit the History page for an overview of changes within this version.

Summoner, now you’re Ready to Jungle!


  1. Amazing and kicking asses version you got here. My team was so damn long waiting for this and now we got it. Really have to thank your for this outstanding program. You’re epic.

  2. I was thinking making a tool like this, and when i saw someone else did it first i couldn’t believe it! good job guys

  3. Me and my friend can’t get team sync to work, it shows that we are two users in there but when i press for red buff on his computer nothing counts

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