LoL Jungle Timer Deluxe v.

Which major change is coming within this version?

The main feature of this version is the choice for using the new design or not.

Go to the Download section for more information.

Show LJTD Panel

The reason why we decided to make the background image of the main form customizable was that we recieved many messages. These concerned issues with the new design and also some private desire for getting back the old version. So here it is. Just configure it as you want now.

Another small but user-friendly change has come to the Switch Team button. This one is now also available in not Fullmode of the Advanced MiniMap. This makes it possible to run the Advanced MiniMap in not Fullmode after setting all values like location and size for the LoL Client. Starting the Advanced MiniMap now is a cool thing to have.

Besides smaller changes there is still one to be mentioned. The tooltips in the Config Gui offer a full help by moving over the wanted element. This helps new users of the LJTD to get to know every feature and adjustment without using the forum or whatever.

Visit the History page for a full list of change within this version.

What to regard in this version?

Nothing to regard =)

Summoner, now you’re Ready to Jungle!

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