LoL Jungle Timer Deluxe v.

Proudly preseting you the actual version v.

Which major change comes within this version?

The main feature of this version is the reworked WardMap. Now fully implemented is the choice of using this feature and of course you can set the hotkey now!

Visit the History page for a full list of change within this version.

What to regard in this version?

This version has some changes to old feature like the Macros. The old versions were using Makros, now it was changed to the correct english notation. If using this feature, please some old config to copy & paste into the new one.

What’s coming for the future?

Next heavy change will be some code rewrite to make the LJTD work more effecient. Apart from that we think about support more way to use the timer like an extra version for Twisted Treeline and of course bug fixes =)

We hope you summoners can use the LoL Jungle Timer Deluxe in your favour and what else to say?

Ready to Jungle!

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