LJTD v.4 Open Beta 2 released!

Hey guys.

Directly coming to the current status of the LJTD. It has never been that awesome! TeamSync is now completely finished and waiting for your final tests.

Try out the Open Beta 2 for LJTD v.4 (testings ended)

Additional to that the graphics of the Minimaps have been changed to the current ones and of course Twisted Treeline was updated for the previous Vilemaw patch.

WardMap on Summoners Rift

This is the new WardMap on Summoners Rift

WardMap on Twisted Treeline

This is the new WardMap on Twisted Treeline

So we know about one issue within the TeamSync process. But this should be easy to fix in the future. For now if you create a TeamSync key, simply save it and restart the timer. So you avoid this bug right know.

Final release will come next week. Waiting for your bug report guys. Thanks in advance.

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