LJTD v4.1.0.0 – reworked Advanced MiniMap

We are back from a longer break summoners and have some good news for you.

With this release v. you will  get again a new cool feature and also a performance optimization within the Advanced MiniMap.

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Performance optimization

If you have followed our topics on Facebook there has been a problem with the Advanced MiniMap when many matchups are played and more and more buffs where timed.

So on slow PCs the CPU might have dropped to about 5% CPU usage after 5 games. We completely reworked the system and now we are under 1%, no matter how many games.

Advanced MiniMap changes

As you can see from the picture below, there are some new labels showing you the seconds when a buff will be available again.

Advanced MiniMap Update

Of course you can decide whether you want this or not! So there are three ways getting informed by LJTD:

  • Ping signs / setting up duration
  • Ping sounds
  • Show durations (remaining seconds of running buff)

Advanced MiniMap in Config GUI

The durations are 8 pixels tall and in the colours of the relating buff.

What to watch for in this version?

Just import your old config file and start LJTD. Now open Config GUI and hit save, it doesn’t matter which tab. Your config file is now updated and running.

TL;DR Visit the History page for an overview of changes within this version.

Summoner, now you’re Ready to Jungle!


  1. Thank you for this great update! I hope you have some time to check my bug reports in the ljtd.eu forums. I know a little Java, but otherwise I can’t program or debug 🙁

    Also, I think “What to -attend- in this version?” is not the correct english phrase you want to use, but I’m not sure what you want to say. If you like, I can help with translations. I understand a little German and I am a native English speaker.


    • Yes programming shouldn’t be that big problem. What we still need in our team is someone who is a native English person. If you would spend your time for this project it would be amazing!

      You can add my wherever you want. Looking forward to hear from you. =)

      PS: I wanted to say what users with an elder version should pay attention to.

  2. Ok then! I just now saw your reply (wordpress doesn’t notify me for page comment replies I guess).

    It would be a great pleasure to join the team (würde ich sehr gerne). I am a league fanatic and I have needed a tool like this for years now. I love open source, and I want to help LJTD get better and get more users. Actually I think anyone who uses it will flame less in solo ranked. And soloque chat is very bad right now -_-

    I want to start programming again (it’s been too many years), and this seems like a great place to start to learn by looking at the code! Maybe someday, I could program a new requested feature to the program. Also I must build my own website soon, so this project will help me prepare a little.

    I love languages and collaboration. I plan to study Communication and Multimedia Design in the future, so as you can imagine, I really like the idea of joining your team 🙂

    p.s. you must say “watch out for” instead of “attend” with no question mark –> ?
    p.p.s. elder = people, older = anything

    • Your application was successful.

      Our LJTD Staff welcomes you!

      Your fields of activity will now be to:
      – test LJTD
      – reading and correcting some acticles of your choice
      – programming new modules

      We are glad to have found someone like you. Thank you for your cooperation. We are confident that your work will have extensive positive effects on this project.

  3. Hi i have a problem when i resize and move the AM the buffs furation and ping not workin good…the blue number apear a bit up and red …. i have ingame minimap scale 100% how can i resize and move corectly? thx

    • That’s really easy. Activate the Wardmap, normally it’s on the F3 key to activate. Now open your Advanced Minimap and hit F3. You will see the Wardmap now. Start Custom game now and do it like in http://www.ljtd.eu/misc/faq/#test-setup . Change your size so long till the Wardmap exactly fits into your own game. Now you have a well configured Advanced Minimap size. Maybe you could also ask in the forums because this here is not read so often I think. Thanks and good luck.

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