Jungle Timer Curse Voice – No bots please!

Just a week ago Riot came up with an interesting statement about Curse Voice:

1. Automated timers: while our design team is still exploring whether we’d want to add any kind of built-in timers to League of Legends, we agree with many of you that having it accessible only through a third-party app is a clear competitive advantage between those who download it and those who do not, and isn’t acceptable.

2. Automated voice calls: We have no problem with players hopping on Curse Voice (or any other voice chat client) to coordinate with their friends in-game, but when the application begins directly connecting you with dozens of other people in unfiltered (and untrackable) voice chats, it can make for a huge negative player experience in a space where we can’t help.

Overall they say that Curse Voice is currently not allowed to use because of mainly these two features. When they delete them or even edit it’s totally fine. But due to these features are kind of the most important stuff of this piece of software I think Curse will not change them. But as Riot Sargonas said they don’t have problems with third party software in general.

Why waiting so long Riot…

The strange thing is that there has to be a tool (in that case Curse Voice) that grows bigger and bigger and Riot is waiting to simply tell it’s forbidden as its state is now. I really can understand Curse is really pissed now. Creating such a great software just because they didn’t know it’s not allowed. The problem is all about the communication channel.

I contacted Riot support several times and never got clear statements what is allowed and what is not. Especially asked for Curse Voice status and I got this answer that we can’t tell about third party software. Well in my mind that’s no good behaviour. Not for players and especially not for developers persperctive.

For the players it might be uninteresting if a tool is not allowed. Riot just don’t care about those – I call it soft tools. I must admit I never heard about any real case where someone was actually banned for using a automatic Jungle Timer. The only thing I heard about was a temporary blocked account.


My minds

Let’s assume I have someone else  playing against me and who is cheating. Just imagine a game where skill does not mean anything because of additional software. Riot really has to get control over the different software out there and tell the players which tools are on their ban list. It would be awesome if someone could create a petition or something like that so that Riot see the players really need this approved piece of information.

To Curse Voice

Firstly Curse Voice is great software. Right now they have a jungle timer that is very well integrated in  the game. LJTD might now be less used. But I don’t think so. Curse Voice is fully integrated and I know many guys that don’t want tools to be integrated into LoL directly and loosing their independant status. LJTD is completely portable, too. Something that Curse Voice can’t say about themselfes.

In-game voice is a great feature. But as Riot says the advantage you get is way too high at this moment. The decision to forbid this software is the right decision.

The second argument that the timers are like bots is something different. Curse Voice has automatic timers that start when a camp is cleared. Compared to LJTD where you have to start the timers on your own Curse Voice has a huge advantage. To say that’s bad user experience for players with e.g. LJTD is correct. That’s nothing to just say about this timer. In general every timer should be forbidden where you don’t have to start cleared camps on your own. Ban all these bots!


So …

@curse: Try to implement Curse Voice more the way Riot want.

@Riot: Be more transparent to support players and developers.

TL;DR: Curse Voice got banned a week ago; Software gives too much advantages and behaves like a bot; Curse has to update their software; IMHO Riot’s ban is coherent; LJTD doing nothing forbidden (download here); Riot currently banning many additional software (link)

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