Jungle in Pre Season 3

Hey, friends of Season III. Well some guys of you having problems with Season 3 update, especially in the jungle. So we want to make sure you get to know all the basics you need to solve problems when going to the jungle.

We know there are many other sites out there which discuss the new meta, items, jungling and ganking. There is so much new stuff right now. Here just some steps to follow for the most important stuff. The Jungle is now much harder to clear. Let’s discuss what you should admit right now.

Which starting items?

First of all, without Machete (the new jungle item) it’s not possible to clear camps in the recommended time. So with nearly every jungler get Machete first with 5 health pots. Machete will give you extra damage to neutral monsters. That’s really needed.

Hunters-Machete Season 3

This is the best item you can get at begin. There are some champs like for instance fiddle that will need something other. But mainly it’s not like this.

Which jungler is the best right now?

The following picture will show you which jungler is the best at the moment. The table is a bit hard to read. But overall you can say, there are many ways to get rid of these information. You should compare the times when getting level 4 and how much life you have at the end. This tells you how good a jungler is clearing camps with his best items, runes and masteries therefor. There are many similarities to the old jungle like Dr. Mundo and Shyvana. But Udyr got very strong now and unbelievably good at counter jungling.


This spreadsheet is a must have for every jungler. Don’t pick a champ now that is squishy or bad rated in this picture. This would let you fall far behind.

Pulling camps

There is no pull anymore in season 3. Every camp will now attack the nearest champ. So you think getting a tank is op. But it’s not that kind of easy. You might get a little bit help with blue or red at start. But usually you have to jungle on your own at the start till level 4. So pick a champ that has sustain and heavy damage output. This works pretty well.

Counter jungling

Counter jungling became a bit harder right now. You have the problems of free wards right now. So being undetected is a rare event. And the enemy jungler is having a huge amount of pots. So there are also less chances to counter him in his jungle with low life. Overall you can say counter jungling has got a bit more useless at all.


Ganking got nerfed in different ways. The bot lane is nearly ungankable with free wards at the begin. With the nerf of the oracle there you also lost the possibility to clear wards over a huge time. Now wards are overall seen much cheaper. So with oracle you might have to clear more wards then in season 2. So getting snacked when clearing wards will increase. We advise to set wards instead getting an oracle, especially pink wards are op now.

Teemo op?

Many guys say Teemo is op since Oracle got nerfed that immense. But that’s not true at all. He is still easy to gank before level 6. So get him out of the game early and he is chanceless. With the amount of free wards you also know where his mushrooms are. So he is not that op as everyone says. But yeah he is a great pick right now if play defensive till level 6.

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  1. Pretty cool post here. Some infos I also knew but most stuff like the crazy jungle tier list really help. Good job.

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