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Welcome Summoners!

The LoL Jungle Timer Deluxe (LJTD) is Open Source and mainly free software for League of Legends. You are welcome to join our community or with sharing this tool to friends if you like it.

What is a Jungle Timer?

To answer this question you might be asking yourself why the heck you should use a timer. There are some clear reasons for using a Jungle Timer:

  • improving jungle invades
  • exactlier timing of buff durations
  • informing your team without typing anything to chat
  • timing wards for better ganks
  • and many other reasons

A whole list of features given within the tool is listed under the feature section.

Actually the LJTD is the Jungle Timer with the highest amount of features and users.

Video Introduction

First steps with LJTD

Things you should check if you are new to the LoL Jungle Timer Deluxe:

  • watch the introduction tutorial above
  • set the display mode of LoL Client to borderless mode
    Windowed Mode - Borderless
  • set the log directory to your LoL install path (you can easily set it in the Config GUI), more Info
  • check if all used features are working before playing
  • set admin-rights to LJTD (otherwhise hotkeys and Write2Chat do not work properly)


  1. Hi remeran,

    yes you’re right. Not all is working as it should do. Software is living code and always manifest bugs or issues. You can never fix all of them. And if you fix some you will get new ones. So never do video tutorials? I know what you mean.

    But anyway the tool is in a state that is far from a Beta version or unstable code. I know about the problems and I’m working on them all my free time. But when replying to questions I lose much time I would need for coding instead.

    So what I wanted to tell is that I prefer video tutorials to show beginners how to use the timer and give a realistic view of it’s features and problems.

    But thanks for your comment anyway, this helps me to rate the opinion of the summoners.

  2. It all works fine great job but one question: every Time i push the button when i killed Blue or Red the Taskbar comes up so i have always to klick again on the screen to get back in the game is that normal???

    • Hi, good job, you found a bug. No of course not. Well I must say I didn’t test the buttons for a long time 😉

      You can fix your problem at the moment when you enable Write2Chat for all buffs. Otherwhise wait for the next version. I will fix it soon.

      Thx and cu

  3. Doesnt work for me on windows 7 why ?
    my also say something but is it in german ..
    i can copy it ? or u understand german ?

  4. Eine referenzauswertung wurde vom server zurück geschickt ist immer die fehlermeldung ich verstehe das nicht…

  5. the write2chat and the minimap isnt working for me. i was wondering if u could make videos for the new version.

    thank you

    • Hi, new videos are coming soon. But there are not that many changes.
      Could you describe why you think that it’s not working and what you expect?

      Did you have a look on the getting started section?

  6. Hi,

    i’ve been trying LJTD since the last version and the newest seams to be with a lot of new bugs/problems:

    a)I never got the w2chat to work,
    b)now it goes crazy when the hotkeys for the bufs are used (starts severals count downs at the same time)
    c)minimap configuration icon thingy does not appear when the bottom on the ljtd bar is pressed

    thank you, best regards

    • Hi, let me explain step by step:
      a) Read the FAQ, there are some ways to fix that. Additional read:
      b) Please try some other hotkeys or the preset ones. So go REST and SAVE on the Hotkey Tab. Also try restarting the LJTD and try to start the timers by clicking them. If this is working and your hotkeys wont do as well, it might be a issue with with your hotkey handling. Any other tool running at the same time catching your input? Which OS you’re running and already tried 32 and 64 bit? Of course additionally check if the LJTD is running with admin rights!
      c) Your Advanced MiniMap isn’t displayed by clicking on it? That’s strange. Which resolution you’re running? Might be a problem that your screen is too small. Give me your widht and heigth please.

  7. hi again,

    TY for the supp (you remind me of a GOOD sona xD)

    As for the problem at hands:

    a) nada, nimic, nichts, nothing, etc. (fought with it before also)
    b) after trying it out today, i recon that it was something to do with mapping tha LJTD does of the keys.
    I was using the “number line” keys along with [ALT]. When i changed to a letter it works. (should’ve not insisted and tried it before)
    c) my bad! The inicial placement configuration was off by 100 wide pixels

    AWSOME WORK btw! cheers, JR

  8. Hey, I’ve been trying all the stuff to get the Write2Chat feature, I’ve installed the last .NET Framework, I’ve added administrator rights to the .exe, tried disabling Aero effects switching it to Vista classic mode, restarted my PC several times, put LoL to borderless, edited the config file several times, tried it with Razer Booster, xD, well, I just don’t know what’s up, my specs: Win 7 64 bit, I’ve also downloaded both versions, none of those working, the LOG path is also right, antivirus disabled…

    Could you give me a hand with that issue?

    • This bug is already known. But still not able to find a solution. But I’m working on fixing it shortly.

      The is actual the new Version 4 to be finished with the new TeamSync feature. But Write2Chat will be directly subsequent then. So it’s not anything of your PC.

  9. Would it be much work to do also a german tutorial? My english isnt that well (im ashamed of it)
    but i just wanna do it right. Also, i wanted to know if i can use this Jungle Timer for the PBE
    Server? Hope u write me back soon – and even if it SHOULD NOT work by me, i guess, i talk for all –
    thank you for doing this for all of us even if u dont have to and spend your time for us.


    • Greetings summoner,

      usage on PBE is of course possible due to the “portable” state of the LJTD. You can use it on any server with any patch you want to. I’m from germany you can as well ask in German. No problem my friend.

  10. Hey, when I right-click on the L icon, I don’t get the option to pull up the GUI menu. I’m running WIN 8, is this not compatible?

    • Hi, what happens if you click it? I actually have no Win8 here so I can’t test it out. You have TeamViewer so that I could have a look?

      See you.

  11. I use a Win7, 64 bit system. And I can not see LJTD in game. In windows everything is fine – the overall-timer starts when starting a game, I can start other timers and so on. But IN game: nothing visible.

    I turned on and off “show panel design” and “Top most”. I set my LoL program folder path (C:\Program Files\Riot\League of Legends\Logs\Game – R3d Logs).

    I have read all comments here and found this “borderless Mode in-game”. I can not find any option that is called “borderless Mode” in the config gui. What can I do?

  12. I hardly write comments, but i did some searching and wound
    up here Getting started | LoL Jungle Timer Deluxe. And I do
    have 2 questions for you if it’s allright. Is it only me or does it appear like some of these comments appear like they are written by brain dead visitors? 😛 And, if you are writing at other sites, I’d like to keep up with everything new you have to post.
    Would you list of every one of all your communal pages like your Facebook page, twitter feed, or linkedin profile?

    • Hi
      Yes sometimes it seems like braindeads. But many guys are first asking a question before reading all the great stuff. If this means braindead yes it is. I would rather say they are lazy.

      You mean writing on other pages for making updates about LJTD? Well YouTube, Facebook and Twitter is integrated in LJTD. You also want the other Forum threads?

  13. At first: great job (better then my little delphi programm :D)

    but if have one issue that isnt a bug but maes it nearly impossible to use the Timer.
    When running LoL in borderless mode i dont have 60 FPS as usual but 30. Are there any possibilities to change that?

      • sorry if this is a dumb question but i cant find it n my german windows cause i dont knoe the exact translation… could you heklp me out?

        • No problem my friend. Here the German version:
          “Rechtsklick” -> “Eigenschaften” -> “Erweiterte Systemeinstellungen” -> “Tab Erweitert” -> “Groupbox Leistung” -> “Button Einstellungen klicken” -> “Visuelle Stile für Fenster und Schaltflächen verwenden“.

  14. I downloaded it using my new windows 8 computer and it doesn’t seem to be doing anything after I open it in internet explorer. I located it in my files and opened it but it just brought me back to the main page where it asks me if i want to open or save the file. I haven’t found any results; can you help me?

    • I know many guys running LJTD on Windows 8, so I can say it works fine. Could you get a good browser like Chrome or Firefox? Can’t support this crap IE browser, sorry.

      Some picture would also help me understand your problem in detail. I got so far that you don’t find the “rar” archive or don’t know how to open the file?

      • just installed it under win8 and it works fine.
        I guess you just need to get winrar, then copy it to wherever u like and open the exe.

        There’s only one difference under win8 and this is also not really hard to solve…
        By default you won’t see the icon in the traybar, which you need in order to enter the config menu.
        To see the icon in the traybar, click on the arrow in the traybar, go to customize and select “show icon and notifications”. Then you see the icon and should be easily able to follow the steps of the tutorial.

  15. Just tested ljtd, its realy nice.
    But I am missing 1 feature and I don’t know if you considered implementing it.
    I think it would be nice to have a different remember sound for each buff.
    Like when you own blue buff is up you hear like “own blue” or when your red is up “own red”.
    Cause now you hear a sound and you don’t know wich buff is up or almost up.

    That is my only feedback, I think its a nice tool for timing your jungle 🙂

    • Actually this feature is planned and easy to realize. Problem is that I just didn’t find someone creating these unique sound files. So if you know someone with a good voice (prior famale voice) I will directly implement it.

      Thanks for your feedback.

  16. As a main jungler for 1 year now, i always found boring u had to check the chat everytime you want a timer for a buff. So i found this app very usefull and pretty much a jungler best friend of all the Mod/app for Lol i seen ever.

    But it has issues. A lot of issues.

    1. The mini-map timers are almost impossible to sinc with the actual place where the buff spawns; (At least in my 1920×1080 Screen)
    2. Have to run Lol in borderless is just dumb; It Causes the game to go in background and u have to alt-tab into it again; The FPS rate is a lot lower, my normal FPS is 170, in borderless is 50;
    3. The Buff HUD is bugged as hell, lots of blanks, the click action to activate the timer sometimes is not responsive, the reset timer click should be easier and why its always changing the opacity?! it should stay i way or another! And the hide button its just dumb the way it is.
    4. The HUD itself should be less visual and more funcional, not covering so much of the screen, for people who play in lose camera its die trap in some team fights when u click the HUD instead of the enemy.
    5. The chat insert timers doesn’t really works properly;
    6. Should be an option to edit the sounds of the buff alerts;

    It as more to it that i can remember right now, but this are the major problems, its a good app doo, its a great idea and probably should be an in-game tool, but the way it is right now, is not viable to use, it will probably make u lose more games than help you win.

    • Hi I marked your notes with numbers, so it’s easier to refer to them. We are aware of most of the issues. Let’s discuss them:

      1. I’m only using some 1600x resolution. So I can’t tell you the perfect Advanced Minimap resolution. But you can simply adjust them all in Settings. If you mean the duration on the Minimap, they are based on the height and width of the Advanced Minimap. So this should always be in the right place. If you dislike them simply go advanced and set size of the durations or even the location of any buff (have a look on the picture here It’s automatically changed with AM interaction for an easy setup.
      2. It’s not dumb, it’s the only legal way to use Timers with League of Legends. A Timer running in fullscreen is mostly illegal. I don’t understand your Alt-Tab problem =/. The timer is just on top of the game in borderless mode. If you mean Alt-Tab to Firefox or something it’s even faster with windowed mode. Your FPS rate is not that correct. In fullscreen I have 70 fps and in windowed I got like 63 fps. The reason why you are dropping so hard is another one. So please check out these links: and this one
      3. Sometimes it can happen that there are blanks. The reason is a problem with your PC configuration. To make sure you followed everything, please read the whole FAQ. Okay, you have several things here. First let’s talk about the timer buttons. Normally the are activated with hotkeys. Maybe you could try to use them in this way. If you dislike using Aero and the other things, you can disable blank issues with watching the link . The opacicy of LJTD is also customizable in the Settings (have a look on the older video tutorial Why is the hide button dumb? Either hiding by clicking it on the top or double left click the tray icon. It’s pretty simple.
      4. Yes this feature is available. You can find information here . You can also hide the Game Clock if you wish to.
      5. Did they ever work for you? Well we are still not sure what is the reason for it. So please have a look on and follow the steps. Mostly it’s the missing latest Framework. But yeah some other guys also having this problem, too.
      6. That’s planned for coming versions. =)

  17. Hey kwoxer,
    ich habe ein Problem mit der autostart Funktion. Im Grunde genommen funktioniert sie nicht oO

    Ich habe mich strikt an die Anleitung gehalten.

    – Net Framework ist auf dem neusten Stand
    – der korrekte Pfrad wurde ausgewählt
    – SAVE und Tool neugestartet

    Ich hab sowohl Video, FAQ, als auch das Forum durch und finde keine Lösung.

    Ist da irgendwas was ich man beachten muss? Muss ich irgendwo was auf enable setzen?
    Und nur mal zum Verständniss. Ich starte das Tool ( alles korrekt eingestellt) und dann starte ich irgendein LOL Game ( custom,normal…) und die Gameclock sollte syncron mit der Tool clock laufen. Korrekt?

    • Hi, ja hast du alles richtig verstanden. Ich benötige deine aktive Config file, also einfach mal bei pastebin oder so hochladen. Und deine aktuelle Version. Ich gehe stark von Version 5 aus. Eventuell hast du die Änderungen nicht mitbekommen und daher klappt es nicht (mehr).

  18. Ok

    Hab mir mal das changelog von version 5 angeschauht und den Start Ordner ( heisst übrigens nicht Riot Games, wenn man es nicht über den standard pfad installiert) eingestellt. Jetzt funzt der autostart.

    Du solltest diesen punkt evtl in die “get started” section mit einfließen lassen, für Leute die das tool noch nich kennen ( so wie ich ^^)

    • Hi, also ich habs immer standardmäßig installiert. Und jedes mal war es Riot Games als Top-Verzeichnis. Was daran stimmt nicht genau? Inwiefern müsste es geändert werden. Wie lauten deine Einstellungen?

      Müsste ich wissen um die Hilfe anzupassen. =)

  19. hmm ich kanns gar nicht mehr so genau sagen.

    Ich nutze beim installieren jedoch nicht die standard partition C
    Von daher habe ich wahrscheinlich sogar bei der Pfadauswahl die komplette Zeile gelöscht und einen eigenen Ordner erstellt.

    Ok hier mal mein Beispiel:
    D:\DK\Games\League of Legends\LoL\League of Legends\Logs

    Ziel war es, dass das ganze Game im “LoL” Ordner liegt. Ging etwas in die Hose weil das Game nochmals einen Unterordner “League of Legends” erstellt hat. Also habe ich beim Tool für Riot Games Directory: den LoL Ordner angegeben ( Ist ja quasi von der Position her der selbe wie Riot Games) Damit funktionierte es dann.

    Zugegeben so kompliziert hats kaum einer, war so eigentlich auch net gedacht, aber als Hilfestellung kann man sicherlich sagen: Der Ordner vor “League of Legends” muss ausgewählt werden. Standardmäsig is das “Riot Games”

    • sry das ich nicht die reply funktion nutze aber ich verkacke hier grd permanent an den captcha codes und dann postet er den comment eigenenständig xD

    • Wohl überempfindliche Einstellung. Sorry.

      Also ja, ich werd das überdenken und notfalls in den Settings eine kleine Erklärung geben. Zum Beispiel, dass bei einer normalen Installation der Top Folder “Riot Games” ist. Ansonsten muss man eben manuell den Logs Ordner suchen mit entsprechenden Standard Pfad.

      Oder halt zweite Möglichkiet, dass ich den kompletten Pfad angebe und als Hinweis, dass nach Riot Games der Rest nicht notwendig ist. Mal schauen, ich überleg mal die Wochen was sich am besten eignet. DAnke für dein Feedback dazu.

  20. Hallo,
    tolles Teil, aber wenn ich versuche League und ljtd zur selben zeit mithilfe einer batch datei zu starten, bekomme ich immer eine Fehlermeldung, das der Pfad C://benutzer/Desktop/res nicht gefunden werden kann.
    Der Timer startet nach bestätigung, allerdings nicht wie eingestellt minimiert.
    Und wie behebe ich Windows Angst vor dem unbekannten Herausgeber des Programms ?

    • Hi, du musst natürlich nicht nur die exe entpacken sondern auch die anderen Dateien. DAher kommt der Fehler, dass der res Folder fehlt.

      Die Fehlermeldung wegen Herausgeber kannst du glaube ich nur global deaktivieren. Hast du nur eingeschränkte Rechte oder wieso kommt das überhaupt?

  21. Hello

    I m sorry for my english ^^
    I tried to install the file after you have unpacked.
    But i cant i have this message ” install .NET framework V 4.0.30319″

    But i dont know what is it .
    Can you help me pls.

    Thx .

  22. Hey this is really useful but every time I click on any of the countdowns the number flashes, also I get very low fps do you know any way I can fix these problems

  23. hey
    I have hotkeys on my keyboard and would like to use those ingame,
    how would i go about doing that because LJTD does not alow me to use those keys,
    when i push those specific buttons it does not do anything,
    is there any way i could add these keys to allow them to work?

    • Indeed there are not yet all hotkeys available. That’s still a big problem for sure. Which hotkeys do you plan to use. Are they special keys like “del” or “insert” ?

    • Mhh so it might be that it’s a special key Windows usually cannot handle. Interesting issue overall I must admin. Dont have such a special keyboard here to test. But surely I will be looking for a solution anyway at least for the special keys like “del” e.g.

  24. Hey, Great job so far.

    Im using a windows 7 machine, And as said before im having the “bug” where the overlay of the timers on the top of the screen act as a seperate program.
    This causes the league screen to play on the back ground until you click on that again.

    Im also having a realy annoying transparant effect on the timer.
    The timer itself is like 50% transparant and the “hitbox” of the timer has an awkward 50% transparant edge around it which is black.
    If i hover my mouse over this it will become 100% again and the background is no longer black (Just like a PNG)

    Also maybe a tip.
    The small count down on the right. Is that the countdown for flashes?
    If so you should be able to set the time to it.

    If you’re in LoL and you press tab. You can hover over the flash summoner spell of your opponent.
    It will tell you what the cooldown of the spell is. Problem is, Some people have masteries or boots that decrease this cooldown.
    This fact will make the flash cooldown function on your program less relyable.

    Also, this app is for jungeling, I think if you’re tracking cooldown of flashes you should be able to track more then 1 flash.
    Maybe a button for Top, Mid, Bot and Jungle. Everytime someone uses flash you can click the lane they belong.
    This way you can click top twice if there’s a duo top, or solo bot etc since the meta always changes.

    But these are just suggestions after the first sight of the program in-game, i will be looking at it a little more.

    • Okay, I’ve been using this for a little more and there are a few things bothering me realy much.

      The transparant thing was indeed a configuration but it made the alpha channel look realy glitchy when not 100%

      One thing is that when i use the minimap to navigate. Sometimes my mouse clicks on text of this program and will result in playing LoL on the back ground, i have to click twice in the lol screen if i want to move inside the game again which is very frustrating sometimes. Especially with the ward function you can easily wreck your navigation.

      Also Im trying to configure the minimap with Custom time locations.
      This works well although the Ping symbol wil stay on the same spot … So my text is on the right spot but the ping symbol is still missplaced … Which is what i actually wanted to change.

      If i want to test how the pings look or what some functions do when they go off i have to wait 5 minutes after every configuration i made. Isn’t there a function that shows you how the indicator looks like when you get a remembering ping, so you can see if the write 2 chat works etc…
      Maybe you need a PNG or something of all the ping symbols activated permanently so you can configure the width and height of the minimap and then after that change the time indicators since im not waiting 5 mins for every little change :\

      If i knew how to code this i would try but i can’t. Since it’s open source.

      Good luck whatever you do with this info!

      • Oh yeah, 1 more thing, you’re program halves my FPS from 33 to 16 or so … Maybe you want to look at that in the future.

      • Well as already said, the problem with the alpha channel is your Aero I think. Tell me if that fixed it.

        Yeah indeed the minimap might be clicked and actually it was LJTD that got focused. It’s still a big problem and you have to be careful. There are already technologies implemented. But they are only available with admin rights and all the other things from our FAQ section should be followed.

        The custom location only work for the text. The ping symbols are not influenced by that preference. You have another problem, I believe. It seems that your minimap was not placed in the right way. Please our blog entry about how you professionally setup the AM: That will help you out =)

        No need. You just need to change the Remember Times from like “1:00” to “4:55” if you want to check Red and Blue objectives. That should work properly since I’m doing it that way, too. And again thanks for the input. =)

    • You might have not enabled the admin rights for LJTD. You can do that here:

      Also make sure you have Aero enabled: If not there can be issue that wrong hitboxes and so on.

      The small countdown on the right is the Flash Timer, correct. Well you cannot put in too many features. Often some things like optimization on masteriens or upgrades by items should stay in your head and combined with helpful tools like LJTD is. You time Flash and add some time to it on-the-fly.

      You mean tabbing in-game and hovering on the Flash icon will show the enemy cooldown? Alright will check that out. But I think that’s not intended by Riot if it’s really possible.

      Well a while ago we were thinking about this indeed. But there were more disadvantages due to this than it would help. But it’s too much for a Jungle Timer. Maybe I could do that somewhen in a new tool or an extension. But a cool idea, thanks man.

    • Are you playing on Garena? Or could you show me you path to League and what you have set in the Settings of LJTD. This would really help me to give an advice.

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