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    Now that Curse Voice has shown us the cooldowns timer and they can’t use it, is there any way LJTD can see our teammates Champion cooldowns? is this possible to add this to JtD without catching the eye of Riot?
    Or was that done using code from the client and not through Riot api?


    Sorry but Curse Voice is currently forbidden for 2 reason

    1. Automated timers: while our design team is still exploring whether we’d want to add any kind of built-in timers to League of Legends, we agree with many of you that having it accessible only through a third-party app is a clear competitive advantage between those who download it and those who do not, and isn’t acceptable.

    2. Automated voice calls: We have no problem with players hopping on Curse Voice (or any other voice chat client) to coordinate with their friends in-game, but when the application begins directly connecting you with dozens of other people in unfiltered (and untrackable) voice chats, it can make for a huge negative player experience in a space where we can’t help.


    And so I think seeing the team cooldowns would also be forbidden. When Riot changes their mind we surely can talk about it again. =)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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