TeamSync is an amazing feature for pre-made teams. It will synchronize objectives and wards with any player using the same key.

What TeamSync stands for

TeamSync is the composite of team and synchronization. It’s mainly the part that let you share your buff and ward time within your team. Additionally you can set up rights for buff and ward timing. So you can decide which preferences fit into your play style.

How TeamSync works

TeamSync needs an unique key that should be shared only with your team mates. You can create and share these keys for free like the program is. While TeamSync is enabled and your key marked green, every change to buffs or wards will be synchronized with the TeamSync servers. We made sure only to send the really needed data. So your bandwidth isn’t harmed in any kind.

To avoid creating too much keys you are only able to create up to 5 keys in one session. If you wish to create more simply restart the LJTD.

Generating a key

All you need for generating your unique key is registering it on our LJTD servers. Just follow the steps you find in the picture below.


Sharing your key with your team

Sharing is as easy as the key generation. First of all make sure your key is signed by the color green. This means it was accepted by the TeamSync key validation process. Now you can decide if you want to send your team mates the key by copy paste or simply sending them a URL by clicking on the Share Key button.


Done this, that page will offer you a little introduction for those guys who haven’t been using the LJTD before. The whole TeamSync concept we be described there in some sentences. This makes sure your team mates are informed about what such a key doing for them. So we recommend using the link as sharing method.


You can also check how many team mates are online with your TeamSync key. Therefor just erase the last sign and write it again. This will refresh the number of “current users” and “overall used“. This makes sense to check if a team mate is having problems.

TeamSync rights

The TeamSync rights are pretty simple but someone might know about them into detail. There are two decisions setting up the rights for buff or ward sync:

Full access

This will mean that everyone who is connected with your TeamSync key is authorized to change buff or ward times. Choosing this might lead to side effects. If someone of your team probably missed a click accidentally, so your buff time is stopping as well. This might be annoying. So you can deprive them the buff rights. Usually the support is timing Dragon and Baron so in that case setting Full Access to buffs makes sense. Besides setting Full access to wards is recommended. Here everyone can have influence on updating enemy wards. This is an awesome advantage you should use.

Read access

Setting the rights to Read access will lead that only the creator of the TeamSync key will having influence on any changes. If you only want to share buffs and wards with your team, this should be set up. But we really recommend to use Full access with the wards at all. This is pretty helpful.

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