Slide is one of the first features for the LJTD. It’s mainly used to save space for League of Legends.

Ways to use the Slide feature

There are two ways Slide can be used. They differ in the amount the will slide out and in.


Choose the Buttons Slide Out if you are using the buff timings including the buttons. Otherwise always choose the Labels Slide Out because of saving important space for your game. No need to waste any free place to the timer!



The Labels Slide Out is the recommended way to use the LJTD. Here you get the most space for the game and you still see every time you need.


Video Tutorial

This video tutorial helps you to see how the Slides will work within the game.


  1. Hello,
    This app looks splendid and i love it. But i have a mac. Will there ever be a mac version. Since they have released a official lol client for mac now. I would love to have when i jungle!. So please can you make a mac version. And if you will when will it be completed?

    Regards, Christian

    • Hi, actually there hasn’t been a roadmap for ever publish LJTD on MACs. I have no MAC available and it’s also hard to convert a Windows programm to MAC.

      But nevermind if you want a release for MACs check out . But notice to rename “rar” to “tar”. Don’t ask why just do it 😉 Well this programm should be running but there can be missing resources. I’m not sure how this MAC program system in deep works, but you might be my help there.

      If it’s also not working you can try a Virtual PC for MAC. This is very slow but will be working.

      Let me know if it works. Cheers.

      • If you want to play league on the Mac client rather than using bootcamp to boot into windows, you can very likely use Crossover (google crossover mac) to run a windows program without running the entire OS. However I think you will need a solution to enable LTJD to appear ontop of other windows (even with LoL in borderless mode). a program called Afloat will work but only with cocoa apps if im not mistaken. Crossover is not free, but you can extend the trial time limit or download a c’ed copy from msj probably. I would recommend just using bootcamp, this app is more than worth the 60 seconds it takes to boot into a free copy of Windows 7 😉

        • Hey thanks for Crossover, didn’t know something like that before. Will add it to the FAQ section for MAC users.

          The way to run LJTD Top Most is already implemented and running. Check Config GUI to enable it. Don’t really know what you mean with Afloat. It’s just something that can be used for window management?

          But your post really helped and users will finnaly have to decide on their own what to use. Thank you.

          PS: online now

  2. Well i opened it and made it a .tar file. But it only says my application. Do I need to launch lol first or is it just not working.

    • Actually I thought this program is working. But well I’m not sure if it’s even possible to convert an exe to tar MAC format. I will have a closer look on this problem. But for now test it with emulator maybe.

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