Advanced Minimap


The AdvancedΒ  Minimap is an overlay for the Minimap of League of Legends. This optimized version of the Minimap is bringing you cool features and never let you forget any buff, dragon or baron anymore.

How to configure the Advanced Minimap?

The Minimap is a bit harder to configure than other features. The reason is the difference between the gamers preset UI. This means that many summoners are using the Minimap on the left side or scaling it to a customized size. That’s why you have to configure the Minimap only one time. Save it on your best solution and always have it on the same place in the future.

Please remember when updating to a newer version to save your elder config file.

Video Tutorials

Here you can find a tutorial which shows all the configurations for the Advanced Minimap.

This tutorial is going deeper into explaining the new features of the AM.


The Wardmap is an extra feature for the Advanced Minimap.

Why to use the Wardmap feature?

The reason the Wardmap can be interesting for you is the timing of infinite wards of your enemy team. Just one click on the Advanced Minimap overlay results in nicely shown wards on the regular Minimap. This is pretty cool also for non-junglers to time more than one ward at the same time.

Video Tutorial

Here you will get introduced to one of the latest feature from the LJTD.


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  2. Hi, I was using this tool, but for some reason no red dot appears on the minimap when there is a reminder, do you know a fix?

  3. I have pressed the button of advanced map but i didn`t see nothing! the same happened with the ward map, no one of those 2 appears when i’m playing lol or, when i’m only at desktop, they simply don’t appear… πŸ™
    i have the last version, i have changed to “automatically maximum advanced map” and “start automatically the advanced map” but nothing appeared! πŸ™ help!

  4. The pinging red of the baron is all time active! i cant left it! how can i resolve this? :/// the ping i mean the red circle at baron, its all time red

    • You can’t get banned because of this program. LJTD is approved by Riot and not infringing any EULA statements of this company.

      First make sure your account hasn’t been hacked and watch up your cases in tribunal. I believe your behavior was the reason for your ban. Just write to the LoL support and let you send your cases to make sure which was the real reason.

      Good luck summoner.

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