Game Clock


The Game Clock of the LJTD is the ticking clock on the top of this program.

What the Game Clock is useful for?

The Game Clock is the in-game time with other words. This time will show you if your LJTD is running or not. Beyond that it is locked at “0:15” on preset. So for choosing the manual start will let you get a lapse of time for lags and other things harming this event. These 15 seconds can also be easily configured.


Manually started or as well automatically, the Initial Timer should always have the same time like you see in-game. If not make sure you PC is not lagging or use AutoStart to reduce this issue. This timer makes sure that the buffs always get the right re-spawn time. So as already written it should be synchronized. If you are using the manual way and forget to start the timer, there is no way anymore to do it in that round. We advice using the AutoStart feature.

Ways to start the Game Clock

There are at least two ways to start the Initial Timer. Mainly they differ by the way they have to be started and stopped.

Start button

Clicking the Start button is harder to manage and you have to do this every game starts and stops. This is kind of annoying and not eligible.


Mostly you lag at begin and to find the right time is very difficult. And don’t forget to click the Stop button after the game has finished. So there are many reason why you should have a look on the AutoStart feature below. But to give you the choice, here you go. You can figure it on your own.


AutoStart is an awesome feature for the LJTD. The Initial Timer will – rightly configured – start automatically. No more clicking on the Start button, the program is doing it for you. Therefor just configure the path to your LoL Install directory once. That’s all you have to do.


If you leave a game the Initial Timer will restart with AutoStart. To fix this there has been implemented a smart way to do that in-game. In favor enable the feature you see below. This will bring you a new button to the timer. this button activated will let the AutoStart pause till it’s pushed again.

So if having a router disconnect, click this button and then reconnect your game. You can also close LoL that time if you want. When you gone back to your game just click again on the “Disable AutoStart” button. Simple and smart.


Video Tutorial

This video tutorial will show you how to start the timer. Additional you get examples for using the Initial Timer.


  1. Hey i’ve got a very important question with the auto start. im using garena league of legends so my folder is different C:\Program Files (x86)\GarenaLoL\GameData\Apps\LoL\Game\Logs\Game – R3d Logs and it doesnt work. i also tried C:\Program Files (x86)\GarenaLoL But it still doesnt work. Please help me i really like this program :/

  2. Hey, so the program manages to launch well and the timer runs but i have a problem with the icons on the timer. I tried clicking the icons but it doesn’t start the timer for the buffs and dragons. It works with the hotkeys but with the mouse it doesn’t. Any ideas?

    • Mhh not really because using hotkeys is just clicking these buttons automatically. And if the hotkeys are working you have started the Game Clock by clicking the green button on the top.

      Normally guys having problem with the hotkeys and not with clicking the buttons. Could you maybe reset the settings and try again? If you still got this bug could you send your config file to me? This would really help.

  3. Hi im still having visual problems after i reinstall my .netframework and just in case i had put it in run as an administrator ill add you on skype and give you my id

    • Overall it’s to say that it is an issue with your windows right system. Somehow with some systems there can be issues with rights management. At his system the admin rights could not properly be set. So it cannot work properly for sure.

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