The LoL Jungle Timer Deluxe is easily configured. Just to make sure everyone has understood how to do this, this site will help new summoners to get an overview about all configuration settings.

Ways to configure the LJTD

There are at least two different ways to edit the configuration settings. Each of them has its advantages but both will have the exact functional range. We recommend to use the Settings for avoiding mistakes. Keep on reading if you want to know why.

Config file

The Config file is a text-based source for changing settings line by line. As you can see from the clipping underneath there are some identifier and their prepared values. This is all you need for configuring your LJTD settings. Edit the given file and save it with your own Editor. A restart of the LJTD is needed this way!

LJTD Confige file system

With using the Config file there can happen different issues. Wrong entries or bad case sensitivity are just two of them. If you are an elder user to this tool it’s easy to configure settings here, but to cut mistakes as newcomer just use the Settings.


This graphical user interface offers a divided configuration of the LJTD. Seven subdivided tabs help to control the LJTD settings and giving you the possibility to easily find what you’re searching for.


We recommend using the Config GUI because this immensely avoid doing mistakes. In addition it’s much easier because of the different prepared elements like the choose color element.

Video Tutorial

This video tutorial is showing selected settings you can edit in the Config system. There might be displayed an older version because in nearly every update there are coming new features just for you!

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