Buff Timing


Buff Timing with the LoL Jungle Timer Deluxe is a cakewalk. Let’s have a look why.

Ways to control the timers

Overall there are two different ways to control your timing durations. Using the timers is the main thing why to use a Jungle Timer at all. So make sure everything is running as it should.


The buttons are the older way to start the buffs. By clicking them you will lose the focus of the game. We recommend you against using them. Buttons are outdated but still useful if you can’t use the hotkeys because having problems with them.

The following video tutorial will show you some of the disadvantages of the button system. Advanced users should more have a look on the hotkey video tutorial on the bottom.


Hotkeys are awesome and easy to use. Simply configure them in the Config GUI system for the most fun. Therefore click into the given area don’t forget them so save afterwards.

This video tutorial will show you how to time buffs in an easy way.


  1. Such an Amazing tool.
    Im starting to use it more and more really helps me and my team, i always know when all the camps are gonna re spawn and can call out mia’s quickly.
    Keep up the good work.

    • Hello and thanks for your feedback. This evening or tomorrow will be released the new Version or Open Beta. This version will have the WardMap TeamSync feature implemented. Really crazy feature so far. Many luck with your games.

  2. Hey man, i’m trying your freeware, he seems very good but is their any option to totally desactivate the clic on timer so we don’t lost focus if we click on it by mistake ? Hope you will read it. By the way if you want i can translate your freeware in french.

    • Actually it’s already the way you described. Clicking the timer will set instantly focus back to the LoL Client. If there is a problem with that, it’s a bug. In that case your Write2Chat won’t work, too. Please have a closer look on our detailed FAQ section http://www.ljtd.eu/misc/faq/#section-install

      And concerning your translation offer. Yeah different languages will come this summer. You can add me in LoL (same name like here) on EUW. I will write you back when we need your help with translations. Thanks for your help.

      • Thx for your answer, my Write2Chat seems working, but like you said “Clicking the timer will set instantly focus back to the LoL Client”. i’ve tried simplejungletimer and in this software (while yours is much better) we can’t clic on the timers at all, so we never lost focus and instantly focus back to the LoL client. Don’t you think we could totaly disable clicking fonction to have something like simple jungle timer ? If we could do that clicking in the game will never interact with ljtd, and we will never lost focus for a very short duration. Hope you understand what i’m trying to explain :p.

        I’m not on EU West so I can’t add you but don’t hesitate to contact me using mail.

        • If you don’t want to click on LJTD, just use some features like Slide. Could you post a picture of your screen with some explanations in the picture whats wrong with your setup. Would really help me to understand why you have a problem with the focus. Thanks.

          PS: Yeah will contact you.

          • It’s hard to take a good screen, but what i suggest is do to the same thing than FRAPS, always on top, and unclickable at all !

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