LJTD 7 – Redesign

We are Back summoners!

The LJTD-Team proudly presents the next version 7 of LJTD. The focus of this version is the complete new design of nearly all LJTD elements. We thought it was way too pimped before and we should go a step back and offer a clean and straightforward design for our users. Our Beta tester loving it and don’t want to miss it anymore. But if you really dislike it, no problem you can always go back to an older version on our history page.

Download Version [emoji floppy disk]

Let’s begin with the list of changes, features and bug fixes. We want to make sure we explain them as detailed as possible. If you have any questions just leave a comment below or in our forum.



First of all you will love it! We took some time to improve the old design. There have been several ideas but finally it was redesigned completely and we got this one below which is pretty awesome. Thanks to our designer Crow by the way. Good job.


The buttons and labels are now placed in a row so it looks cleaner than it did before. We also wanted to give access to important components like the Contextmenu and even the Objective Overview. The Objective buttons now behave like they should. They appear grey if the are not active. There is also more space for customization like more room for the labels overall and so on. Important things are now focused.

In the settings we redesigned nearly everything. The tabs are now no more un-speaking pictures. They fit into their place we upgraded the feature groupboxes as well. Overall it’s now more user-friendly than it was before. We also moved the reset button to the right side because the actual reset combination is clicking reset and right after that save.


Font System

We implemented a system that is checking at the first start if you have properly installed 2 fonts on your system. These fonts are now needed because LJTD looks so good with them. We wanted to give the best user experience for sure but these fonts are kicking-ass. The installation can be done automatically by LJTD. After that LJTD will restart and you can start using LJTD as usual but with an amazing font system now. You are for sure still able to change the font of the labels later on.



We know that some new users might not directly know where to find a specific feature. So we created a tutorial for those guys who want to get introduced in the software. It will show you the basic elements and what you can do with them. Advanced users should skip this tutorial.




We reduced the pictures you are able to change. Just a few members were using own pictures and to maintain them it took too much time. But for sure the setting backgrounds and even the Control Overlay background are still customizable though.


The Contextmenu was not correctly shown when the “Show hidden symbols” was active. Now it will always be on top so you can see the whole window.

Game Focus

Now placing some wards on the Wardmap or clicking other elements of LJTD won’t any longer influence the in-game minimap. The previous re-focus of the game was buggy sometimes. Whenever moving on top of the in-game minimap lead to awkward misbehaviour of your mouse in some cases. This is now fixed and should not any longer happen. But the mechanics needed to be changed in a way you might not like. So additionally we wanted to let youself decide if you want to use the new re-focus feature. You can disable it now if you wish to.


We changed the Play and Stop button. Now it should be more intuitive what these button actually do. We also changed the Slide buttons. Before they were some half circles that didn’t make any sense. Now it looks actually in the direction it slides to which fits much better.

The Advanced Minimap now has the same opacity like the Control Overlay. This improve the usability because you can now see behind the elements and what’s going on on the minimap.

The Contextmenu’s Write2Chat Quickchange now behaves like a usual 2-side button system. The active element is coloured and the other one is grey. Clicking the inactive one will now change the active status.

TL:DR; we updated LJTD to version 7. As always check out the History [emoji page with curl]  page for a summary of changes.

Summoner, now you’re Ready to Jungle!

LJTD 6 – with Objective Overview

The LJTD Team wishing you a happy new year! We hope all of you got a good start as we had. Let’s begin this year with another improved version of LJTD. We got a huge list of changes, features and bug fixes. We want to make sure we explain them as detailed as possible. If you have any questions just leave a comment below.

Download Version [emoji floppy disk]


Objective Overview (OO)

The OO is the main feature coming up with Version 6 of LJTD. It’s basically a separate window you can drag & drop where you want and are being able to resize it. You simply active it on the Contextmenu like in this picture.


Then you got something like this showing Blue, Red, Dragon and Baron. It’s completely independent from the Control Overlay. So the OO will work with the full-screen mode of League of Legends. Drag it to your 2nd screen and you are informed about anything in your Jungle like if you are playing in the window mode.

You can change the size and place at the start. The Names and pictures are customizable, too. If you have another idea how to support more information or even design changes just let us know.


User Modes (Basic/Expert)

With the user modes you can control what you can change and which things you can’t. We have done this to make sure new users only see the most important stuff. If you are an experienced LJTD user just hit the “Expert” button and save it on your config file. E.g Config file management is only available in Expert mode.

Write2Chat (Remember Times)

We did some additions to the Write2Chat feature. You can now automatically write some text to the chat when a Remember Time is reached. This is completely optional. You don’t have to use any of the 3 Remember Times and you can even use them all if you want to. The text is by the way customizable, too.



W2C was a big problem in Version 5 of LJTD. Sometimes it worked properly and many times there were huge misbehaviours that could lead to losing the focus on the game. There has been some investigation and finally we found a solution for this. But due to this we had to disable CTRL together with W2C. You may still use CTRL as hotkey opener. ALT is as before the recommended hotkey opener. It has the least side effects, e.g. correctly overwriting Flash and Barrier. NONE is recommended when using the num-pad.


You are no longer able to activate more than the desired Objective. This was a huge issue and should no longer happen.


TeamSync will no longer affect the behaviour of LJTD. There were happening some lags in the program when you got yourself a high ping. So you can now use TeamSync without these problems. Also wards will be placed with much more fun now. Additionally we fixed the issue that sometimes playing more than one game a button might get disabled. This shouldn’t happen anymore.


We moved the Text Overlay to the Minimap Tab in the Settings. We think this fits better over there.

Objective Names are no longer ending with ” at “. This makes it possible to even more tell LJTD what to write to the chat. Feel free to play a bit around with it. The extra ” at ” can now be set in another text-box. You can also leave it blank if you want.

The names for the objectives have been changed from e.g. “OB” to “Our Blue”. This fits better for the new Objective Overview. You can of course change it back.

TL:DR; we updated LJTD to version 6. As always have a look on the History [emoji page with curl]  page for a summary.

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LJTD Version 5.1 just released!

Here we go my friends for professional objective timing. We just released our new Version 5.1. We got some cool new stuff into it. Let’s have a closer look on every detail.

Download Version [emoji floppy disk]

Info & Changes

We tried to fix some mayor things when LJTD is starting. Normally you could not see if LJTD is still loading and not being able to react to clicks. So we added an animated icon which really fits into the desgin. So this will improve the usability for guys which run slow PCs.

Animated Icon

Many guys thought it would be cool to have some overlay ingame showing up information about objectives. We now implemented that Text Overlay so that you can choose to be remembered at specific times or just when it respawned or even both of them. So the Advanced Minimap is not that much important when you use this feature anymore.

Text Overlay Ingame

After Version 5 we thinked about a way to show the duration ever mor clear on the Advanced Minimap. Right now you can choose between seconds or minutes & seconds. Showing up seconds is recommended to view as less as possible ingame with the same information.

Minimap Show Mode

Other Changes

We also changed the way LJTD needs admin rights. Till now there have been many problems when starting without the needed rights like the Write2Chat issues being mentioned here. Now LJTD always starts with admin rights. Please configure it now on your own if you are getting a warning window. An explanation is given in the download folder.

When changing preset Settings and using the Slide feature there have been problems. Now we fixed this and let LJTD automatically Slide in and out to show that the feature is active.

TL:DR; as always have a look on the History [emoji page with curl]  page for a summary.

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LJTD Version 5 – Config file management and Contextmenu

Hello my friends of LJTD. We have released our new Version 5 right now. Actually we didn’t want it to go v5 already but the changes were too big for just a smaller iteration. [emoji ok hand sign]

Download Version [emoji floppy disk]

Info & Changes

This version is mainly improving the usability of LJTD. The main feature you got now is the Config File Management. You got 5 different Settings by default which you can adjust the way you want. They contain all the configuration data for LJTD. With a new version just copy them into the new directory as you did before with the only one file.


Choosing another Setting in the Dropdown menus will automatically edit the Settings to the actual file. You don’t need to hit the SAVE button therefor. On the Contextmenu you will as I already said have additional available features. We will add more and more things with later updates.


Other Changes

We also changed some cosmetic things. The Ward Timer on the right top when enabled is now the Flash Timer. The reason why this was needed is that we wanted to make sure users pay more attention to the Wardmap. It’s a great feature for timing infinite wards. So there is no real need for timing a single ward. But for users that liked it we still let the old ward graphics in the resource folder for an easy fallback.

Buffs are now named Objectives. The problem with the word buff was that they are not really all buffs. Mainly the Baron and Dragon are Objectives. So it made sense to rename them all to make it more clear.

Another cool thing is that you only have to locate your main Riot Games Folder. There is no need of a long path anymore.

TL:DR; as always have a look on the History [emoji page with curl]  page for a summary.

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LJTD 4.2 – Advanced Minimap features and bugfixes

Hey guys, first of all I didn’t want to write another Post so fast but…

there were sooo many changes within this version that made it so necessary, sorry therefore 😉

Download Version

Info & Changes

Well there were so many guys asking why does my CTRL key not work properly with Write2Chat. So we decided to simply not offer it anymore. That was the easiest way because it was just buggy and we were not able to fix the bugs coming within. You can now still use it for timing ONLY. Furthermore there have been some name changes to prepare LJTD to be understood also by new users. Have a look on the History to see what they are.

We also wanted to make sure that everybody is being informed by just having a look on the program and without reading stuff like our FAQ section. So we added some exclamation and question marks for optional information.


We noticed the Ward Timer bug – from the previous version – some days after publishing it. But we decided to wait with an update to avoid spamming updates and getting some more bugs fixed, too. Most of them are concerning the Advanced Minimap which in this version will give you much more freedom.

There has also been updated the RESET and SAVE button for a simpler configuration of your Settings. Some huge embarrasing bugs like loosing focus on the Settings finally got fixed.

The really important fix is the change of the Team Button. Clicking on the button will not restart your Buffs anymore. So you can still change the sides if you forgot it at the start!


The main feature is that you got more freedom on the Show Duration feature for the Advanced Minimap. Now it’s possible to change the size and also individual locations. This will be useful if you want the text on a non-default location. This is an professional feature and needs some time to configure!

LJTD 4.2 -Advanced minimap

Another amazing feature is that you can now change any Buff you want. Up to now you only could setup Blue & Red buffs as one. Furthermore that you can now set the seconds so that replacing a buff as the summoner spell Flash is now possible.

TL:DR; as always have a look on the History page for a summary.

Summoner, now you’re Ready to Jungle!

LJTD v4.1.0.0 – reworked Advanced MiniMap

We are back from a longer break summoners and have some good news for you.

With this release v. you will  get again a new cool feature and also a performance optimization within the Advanced MiniMap.

Download Version

Performance optimization

If you have followed our topics on Facebook there has been a problem with the Advanced MiniMap when many matchups are played and more and more buffs where timed.

So on slow PCs the CPU might have dropped to about 5% CPU usage after 5 games. We completely reworked the system and now we are under 1%, no matter how many games.

Advanced MiniMap changes

As you can see from the picture below, there are some new labels showing you the seconds when a buff will be available again.

Advanced MiniMap Update

Of course you can decide whether you want this or not! So there are three ways getting informed by LJTD:

  • Ping signs / setting up duration
  • Ping sounds
  • Show durations (remaining seconds of running buff)

Advanced MiniMap in Config GUI

The durations are 8 pixels tall and in the colours of the relating buff.

What to watch for in this version?

Just import your old config file and start LJTD. Now open Config GUI and hit save, it doesn’t matter which tab. Your config file is now updated and running.

TL;DR Visit the History page for an overview of changes within this version.

Summoner, now you’re Ready to Jungle!

LoL Jungle Timer Deluxe v.4 with TeamSync!

Welcome to the brand new version of the LoL Jungle Timer Deluxe. This LJTD version includes the latest feature TeamSync. Although we are already on version 4 there will be further addons also in the future. I would say let’s start with this feature right now before discussing bug fixes. Here we go.

Download Version


TeamSync is a feature to synchronize times with your friends. Mainly these friends should be your team. So they will be informed by any change upcoming in-game.

TeamSync in ConfigGUI with Key Settings

TeamSync in ConfigGUI with Key Settings

For instance: let’s say you have timed Baron, so your whole team will see this in real time. This really helps your team because everyone knows about any buff without spamming it to the chat. Using TeamSpeak also reduces speeches to your team about upcoming buffs. This decreases your frustration level and enhances your win ratio immense.

TeamSync comes up with different right levels. Choosing Full access causes your whole team has writing access. This is not always desirable. If you wish to be the only one changing Buff or Ward times choose Read access in the key generation process.

But that’s not all TeamSync will offer for you. Besides this you can also perform this with your WardMap. So timing infinite wards is available (you need to enable the WardMap in the Config GUI). The functionality to delete cleared wards also works as well as when wards reaching their 180 seconds. Clearing the explorer ward is thereby also possible to manage.

TeamSync with an generated key

TeamSync with an generated key

For further information about TeamSync visit the TeamSync page.


There has been made some changes to the Config GUI background. It was somehow way too annoying. So you have eased images there now. The Advanced MiniMap also got some changes. Here u can have look how it will look in this new version.

New Advanced MiniMap Version 4

New Advanced MiniMap Version 4


LJTD got some nice rework to each MiniMap picture so far. This means Summoners Rift and Twisted Treeline got it’s updated version now. By the way Twisted Treeline (TT) is now fully reworked and Vilemaw correctly implemented. So playing in TT works again. Of course the size of the new minimaps were also edited. Have a look if it still works for your screen resolution!

Another cool fix came to the AutoStart feature. Normally you had to restart LJTD to get it to work. Now simply click on SAVE.

There are some more fixes but really tiny ones. Just to mention a last fixed issue that has embarrassed some guys of you. What I mean is the bug when you switch out of the game and for instance writing something on your browser you are switched back to your LoL Client every time. This has been resolved now.

What to attend in this version?

Make sure to check your Advanced MiniMap size and solution. Pushing your WardMap key should lead to have the same overlay like your in-game Minimap (preset is 1600 x 1050 pixels). Just check in case 😉

TL;DR Visit the History page for an overview of changes within this version.

Summoner, now you’re Ready to Jungle!

LJTD v.4 Open Beta 2 released!

Hey guys.

Directly coming to the current status of the LJTD. It has never been that awesome! TeamSync is now completely finished and waiting for your final tests.

Try out the Open Beta 2 for LJTD v.4 (testings ended)

Additional to that the graphics of the Minimaps have been changed to the current ones and of course Twisted Treeline was updated for the previous Vilemaw patch.

WardMap on Summoners Rift

This is the new WardMap on Summoners Rift

WardMap on Twisted Treeline

This is the new WardMap on Twisted Treeline

So we know about one issue within the TeamSync process. But this should be easy to fix in the future. For now if you create a TeamSync key, simply save it and restart the timer. So you avoid this bug right know.

Final release will come next week. Waiting for your bug report guys. Thanks in advance.

LJTD v.4 – Open Beta Test available

Hey guys, we have just come to the point that all new functionality has been implemented for LJTD v.4.

There have been different teams testing it without heavy issues to solve. So version 4 will now come to an Open Beta Test (testings ended) for everyone. This means that you will get a version with the new TeamSync feature as a preview for the official coming release.

TeamSync in version4 as new feature OpenBeta

Please attend to send any issues that might appear while testing. This helps to improve the upcoming version for better experiences. Make sure your problem is written down as detailed as possible. Please also send in your TeamSync key for improved issue solving.

TeamSync-key settings LJTD

Yeah I’m really excited about this version. But do not forget it’s not yet finished. There might be still bugs within synchronizing processes. Have fun with this team function at all!

By the way there will also come a WardMap Sync as you can see in the generating process. But there are still some issues within this feature. To make sure  TeamSync for the buffs are already working, you can test it already. Nothing else to say than: Ready for Team Jungle!

And of course to not forget. The background images were edited to a more smooth version. No longer being disturbed while configurating your LJTD.

Version  4 will come in the next year. We are also working on an article about the new jungle. Stay tuned!

LJTD for League of Legends v.

Which changes are coming within this version?

The main feature of this version is the rework to some features and design issues in the Config GUI. There has also been a bugfix that LJTD won’t start without internet connection. Now it correctly starts in that case.

Go to the Download section for an information overview.

The first big thing was the change to the input of your hotkeys. It was really creepy and confusing with all these numbers. There was no real need to do that. So now it is much more user friendly. Simply choose one textbox and write letters, numbers, F-keys and whatever. No longer there will be char displayed that make no sense.


The second big thing was that sometimes when users looked above the Config GUI, they were a bit confused by all these gray things. This has now been changed, too. Everything that is customizable is now in gray. Explanations and things like that fit better into background design now.

Visit the History page for a full list of change within this version.

What to regard in this version?

Make sure to check your hotkeys. There might be conflicts with the old implementation. Just check in case 😉

Summoner, now you’re Ready to Jungle!