Riot planning own Jungle Timer

Riot is doing some crazy stuff if you ask me. First of all they ban Curse Voice because of timing jungle camps automatically and now they do it as well. But you can’t ban cheating software if you develop it yourself Riot…

But let’s start with the recent news of Riot Headquarter two weeks ago.

They called it Focus on Mastery:

Boiling down what we talked about in our design values, League of Legends provides three basic paths to mastery: personal expertise, teamwork, and adaptability – our focus will be on the first. Personal expertise is a complex soup of skills but we can generally agree that elements like mechanical mastery, situational awareness, and game knowledge are vital ingredients.

So they say gamers should not focus on good timing anymore. They can now use this timer and create new strategies on setting up masteries and so on. But that’s bullshit! Skill is not a good account, it’s the player itself!

But is it really needed to push newbies more and more? Isn’t the game already easy enough? Do they really need those bot-like software when they start playing?

Here is a view of the timer in-game.


LJTD’s way

Well LJTD is really going in a complete other way. This tool is much harder to get running. =) Haha. Surely it’s easy if you know how to configure it but it’s still more difficult than a built-in timer like this one from Riot.

So why does Riot present a Jungle Timer that automatically time your jungle?

Riot’s idea

I think Riot does not know how to behave on critical comments. They said they implemented the timer because people are non-stop asking for it. But I think that’s not true or just half the truth.

Players are asking for so many other stuff and nothing happens. IMHO Riot wants to lower the external tools as best as possible. Not any longer getting support requests “Is this tool allowed” or “Will I be banned for this and that” that’s what Riot wants. It can also reduce the amount of player with malwared software.

How Riot’s timer work

Their timer is very simple. If you hit the tab-key you will be able to see the timer. And for every Jungle camp you clear this objective will be ticking down from there on. You don’t have to do anything by yourself.

These two pictures are showing how the timer will look in-game.



Result of Riot’s Jungle Timer

Yeah actually that’s bad for all creators like me that really want to spread awesome tools for free. Riot really gives a fuck on those ones if you ask me.

It’s still not clear if the timer will actually come. But when it comes there will be another shitstorm for sure. As a player you should invest time to get a helping tool and not to get it by doing nothing.

Jungle Timer Curse Voice – No bots please!

Just a week ago Riot came up with an interesting statement about Curse Voice:

1. Automated timers: while our design team is still exploring whether we’d want to add any kind of built-in timers to League of Legends, we agree with many of you that having it accessible only through a third-party app is a clear competitive advantage between those who download it and those who do not, and isn’t acceptable.

2. Automated voice calls: We have no problem with players hopping on Curse Voice (or any other voice chat client) to coordinate with their friends in-game, but when the application begins directly connecting you with dozens of other people in unfiltered (and untrackable) voice chats, it can make for a huge negative player experience in a space where we can’t help.

Overall they say that Curse Voice is currently not allowed to use because of mainly these two features. When they delete them or even edit it’s totally fine. But due to these features are kind of the most important stuff of this piece of software I think Curse will not change them. But as Riot Sargonas said they don’t have problems with third party software in general.

Why waiting so long Riot…

The strange thing is that there has to be a tool (in that case Curse Voice) that grows bigger and bigger and Riot is waiting to simply tell it’s forbidden as its state is now. I really can understand Curse is really pissed now. Creating such a great software just because they didn’t know it’s not allowed. The problem is all about the communication channel.

I contacted Riot support several times and never got clear statements what is allowed and what is not. Especially asked for Curse Voice status and I got this answer that we can’t tell about third party software. Well in my mind that’s no good behaviour. Not for players and especially not for developers persperctive.

For the players it might be uninteresting if a tool is not allowed. Riot just don’t care about those – I call it soft tools. I must admit I never heard about any real case where someone was actually banned for using a automatic Jungle Timer. The only thing I heard about was a temporary blocked account.


My minds

Let’s assume I have someone else  playing against me and who is cheating. Just imagine a game where skill does not mean anything because of additional software. Riot really has to get control over the different software out there and tell the players which tools are on their ban list. It would be awesome if someone could create a petition or something like that so that Riot see the players really need this approved piece of information.

To Curse Voice

Firstly Curse Voice is great software. Right now they have a jungle timer that is very well integrated in  the game. LJTD might now be less used. But I don’t think so. Curse Voice is fully integrated and I know many guys that don’t want tools to be integrated into LoL directly and loosing their independant status. LJTD is completely portable, too. Something that Curse Voice can’t say about themselfes.

In-game voice is a great feature. But as Riot says the advantage you get is way too high at this moment. The decision to forbid this software is the right decision.

The second argument that the timers are like bots is something different. Curse Voice has automatic timers that start when a camp is cleared. Compared to LJTD where you have to start the timers on your own Curse Voice has a huge advantage. To say that’s bad user experience for players with e.g. LJTD is correct. That’s nothing to just say about this timer. In general every timer should be forbidden where you don’t have to start cleared camps on your own. Ban all these bots!


So …

@curse: Try to implement Curse Voice more the way Riot want.

@Riot: Be more transparent to support players and developers.

TL;DR: Curse Voice got banned a week ago; Software gives too much advantages and behaves like a bot; Curse has to update their software; IMHO Riot’s ban is coherent; LJTD doing nothing forbidden (download here); Riot currently banning many additional software (link)

Reasons for the long Downtime

Hey what’s up with all of you guys =). Firstly really big sorry for the long time that has passed till the site is now back online. There are several reasons for that.

As you might have noticed we had some trouble with round about 2 months and it’s still going on. Sure that was not intended or supposed to happen. I will tell you the whole story now in all details.

TL;DR: is replaced by, Hardware behind destroyed


What happened to

So more than 2 months ago suddenly the server gone down. We already had a week downtime already in the history, so I wasn’t really shocked and believing that the hoster is going to manage it again and changing the hardware which was needed to be replaced in a very short time.

But after some weeks they said they were not able to do this (or what I think they didn’t want to invest that money…). I was really angry this time as you can imagine. So I was looking for an alternative and found it. But there was another problem that lead to another delay…

Who was actually hosting

It is a good friend of mine who had a server and free capacity and mainly someone who was able to set up the server really quickly at the start of this project (about 3 years ago). So I decided to order him as my hardware specialist. But a huge problem was that requests to him were replied with a big delay. So after crashed all the needed information came up weeks later…

Why now instead?

That friend told me his new server will be available at begin of this month. But as you can imagine nothing happened these days. So I took matter into one’s own hand and ordered the new domain to give you access to the page as fast as possible.

What has changed now?

So basically nothing changed for you. For myself I now have full access to the server and the rights of the domain. My friend will also give me the rights for in some days so I will create a redirect to the new page. This will not any longer direct into an empty page 😀

By the way now I have more costs (about 200€/year), it would really help to get more donations now. I’m working full time beside the project and still invest the rest of my time for this project. Please give something back if you can. Thanks.


Thanks for any donation =)

Any donation will go completely into the project costs

What did I learn from that and tips for yourself!

If you can host your page on your own. Be independant from others is always an advantage and an aim.

So yeah what else to say. Have fun with the new site. Hopefully the performance does not drop. In exchange for the downtime I will setup a TeamSpeak server which you can use in the future. But yeah let’s first begin to deliver the tool, I will give an update when it’s ready for you guys. Edit: TeamSpeak server will additional increase cost per month by 50 Euro, so to realize that we need more donations. Sorry but I can’t take these high costs alone.

Thank you again for all your support and on-going feedback during the page was down. Hopefully everyone now knows the new adresse. Invite your friends and be an awesome Jungler or at least … Ready to Jungle! Cheers my friends. =)

A history, current overview and analysis of the Spirit items

First of all i’d like to introduce myself as a new content producer for LJTD. I aim to bring quality, jungle related content and give a detailed explanation on current and upcoming changes, the impact of specific champions being introduced to competitive play in the jungle. I’ll also keep an updated tier list, try to show the thought process in some niche picks and break down the runes and masteries i prefer to use when i jungle. Hopefully at times, i’ll try break down the runes and masteries junglers use at LCS games if they’re interesting picks, such as Crumbzz’ AP fiddle we saw recently. I’m Gladiator Murloc, or you can call me Gelm if you think thats a mouthful. It probably is.

The spirit items and their history


When these 4 ghostly jungle items were introduced, junglers were pretty excited. We finally had something to add to our set of core builds, some options. Finally! Yet something was off. Mostly, the balance of the center two, Elder Lizard and Ancient Golem. At the start of season 3, Riot deemed Elder Lizard as pretty ridiculous, the burn damage was very high and a lot of laners were tempted by the item due to the qualities it gave. It had a BF sword’s worth of AD, Cooldown Reduction and health and mana regen. It was basically a glorified Brutalizer without having the drawback of having to build into Black Cleaver. Kha’Zix players had a strong alternative, Ezreal players sought it into their core build, tank junglers such as Hecarim and Nasus were dealing hilarious AOE damage using the Lizard with barely any drawbacks due to their innate tankiness and the fact Hecarim’s W was pretty ridiculous at this point. Once the nerfs came into effect, it was swept under the carpet for the majority of the season, the stats it gave didn’t really have a large power spike and the item was outclassed. Being a tank was back, Ancient Golem offered exactly that.

But what made Ancient Golem so good that the other two were deemed completely obsolete? First of all, its build path. A ruby crystal is always a perfect investment for every tank, there isn’t really a drawback. Kindlegem having a 375 gold combine cost is perfect for junglers, especially when their income was incredibly low for most of season 3.  Ancient Golem also gives you 35% tenacity without specialization, a laner is forced to get tenacity from a limited amount of sources, those being of course Mercury Treads and Zephyr. Mercs force you to build into MR, something you don’t really want if their team has a lack of magic damage but good CC. It also denies you any other form of boots, of which there is plenty useful to whatever champion you choose. Zephyr is just plain weird and only built for the tenacity component in very weird situations, or you’re an Udyr player. The benefits were too good for Ancient Golem, there wasn’t enough gold in the jungle at that point to specialize for high damage. The item also received some nerfs in the preseason, but not enough to really dethrone it.Then, in shining glory (and some ugly turret changes), patch 4.1 appeared. Lets start off with our baby stone first, the core of these 3.

What changed this patch?


The changes this patch really helped our baby stone out. Health regeneration and Mana regeneration were removed, as well as the Maim passive. Then they added to the Stone’s passive, Butcher. “Against monsters, deal 20% bonus damage and restore 8% of damage dealt as health and 4% as mana (half effect for area of effect spells)”. Sounds pretty lovely right? With the health and mana regeneration removed, we won’t have any issues with laners buying spirit items anymore. Great, these are items for junglers and junglers only. Finally. This passive is an improved version of what was on Spirit of the Spectral Wraith, as that one only accounted for spells. With autoattacks giving mana, junglers such as Udyr relish the change. With abilities giving mana, Fiddle has no mana issues. It also benefits those who have a fast clear, or those who benefit from taking camps inbetween ganks. The passive helps frail junglers after their first clear and makes those with mana issues after their clear with blue buff feel better about walking into that jungle and taking a few camps again without having to back for mana, or waste gold purchasing mana pots. The earlygame is improved for junglers. The camps don’t beat us up that hard due to the sustain and we can use the gold we saved from our second set of pots. We also have more health to gank with. I barely see a jungler this patch walk out to gank with half hp only to get his ass beat cause the other jungler backed to heal, then counterganked and punished the other jungler for his greed. All in all, the spirit stone change is 100% positive for the majority of jungle picks. Now, lets look at that previously broken then nerfed to obscurity Elder Lizard.


Elder Lizard didn’t especially get much this patch apart from the same changes spirit stone went through, which is great, that sustain continues for AD junglers. What did help it recently though, was some Ancient Golem nerfs, an increase in jungle gold and the conservation passive added in 3.15. If you get Elder Lizard on for example Vi, you are guaranteed to clear faster than an Ancient Golem Vi. You can gank, get your passive to 80 gold. Clear 2 camps, get that 80 gold. Gank again. As you do that faster than an Ancient Golem Vi you are having more impact on the game. Elder Lizard has its benefits over Ancient Golem in clear speed and power spike. When you get Elder Lizard you feel that damage working and that burn passive (which was buffed at patch 3.14) shredding targets and waves. Having that damage output increases your chances of successful ganks. If you’re behind though and build this item too late, you’re going to get crushed. Its a very good item, but if you don’t have the clear speed to get up to another power spike, or get the item early enough to make it matter, you will fall behind.


Oh look, its this guy, the item which was kind of our only option for most of season 3. Though junglers liked the spirit items, just having one item working far better than the rest was frustrating. Lets look at the changes. Ancient Golem went through the same changes Elder Lizard did for 4.1, basically increasing the strength of standard jungle play even more, especially in the earlygame. One thing the changes did help with though was with removing some of the power hard camping a lane had. You could gank, lose 3/4 of your hp and then sit in an un-warded bush regenerating off of the stats the item gave. Then as the laner(s) came back, you go to town on them again, creating more pressure. At least with the health and mana regen removed, those sort of plays are harder to pull off. In 3.14, Ancient Golem took a health nerf, slicing the HP gave from the item down to 350. That didn’t really go unnoticed, you definitely got chunked more in 3.14 with that health gone on some of the more frail champions in the jungle lineup. Ancient Golem is still the safest jungle item to build on a game to game basis, but with these recent changes combined with 3.14, the item isn’t disgustingly stronger than its brothers.


I’ve always had a soft spot for Spirit of the Spectral Wraith, the spellvamp it gave when it was first released was very interesting for some laners and junglers, combined with a high amount of mana regen compared to the rest of the spirit family. Toplaners such as Vlad saw the item as a gold efficient route for lane sustain and it saw some fringe play on Anivia for a time. Otherwise it wasn’t really used. Now for the changes.

The changes Spectral Wraith were a lot more broad compared to its brothers. The sustain passive the Wraith had was updated along with the rest of the family, but removing the Mana Regen. Like the Elder Lizard changes, the item is now purely for the jungle which will help the balance of the item in the future. Great! They also added a scaling passive, for every jungle camp you farm, you get 2 AP, up to a maximum of 30. When fully farmed, the item offers 80 AP! Thats a Needlessly Large Rod. This item powerspikes incredibly well once fully farmed, as you can usually have another item in combination with it when farmed. If that item is Rabadon’s Deathcap, you’re looking at around 300 ap. From the jungler! On average this build can be complete around 18 minutes into the game. Bit of a disgusting powerspike, right? Thats more than what midlaners usually get! Like Elder Lizard, this item can be a bit of a bummer if you’re behind. But with its farming passive, you can farm and scale to a point where you can overcome the earlygame. I feel the item is in a similar situation to what Elder Lizard used to be, but with scaling. The item gives a strong amount of stats and allows for some gameplay based around hitting that powerspike, in result hitting hard. If you’re looking to get this item, you’re going to want to farm. If the passive isn’t complete by 20 minutes or at least at 20 stacks it can be a bit rough i feel. Conservation helps massively though, and with the combination of the Conservation passive, the farming passive and the flat AP , it’s the most gold efficient of the 3 items.

Lets have a look at some of the meta junglers and some who are making a return or their first showings, or those who have been hurt a bit, to value their power with these new items. Lets look at those looking stronger this patch.

Who got better?


“Need some Wraiths”

Gragas has entered the jungle this patch with praise from players such as Dexter and Crumbzz. Its hard to see a fault of him in the jungle at the moment. His clear is incredibly fast, body slam on a 5 second cooldown dealing around 120 damage per slap is pretty obserd. You can take drunken rage next level, have damage reduction, more mana and more damage added to the scaling of body slam as well. His early ganks have incredibly high damage, he scales well into all stages of the game and has very good waveclear making him a good candidate for lane cover or a siege. He’d be picked all the time for sure, if his Midlane wasn’t so ridiculous. There is one benefit of a jungle Gragas in soloque at least though, in that he gets more ap from the jungle than he does midlane. You can deal more damage than a midlane Gragas and there isn’t really any drawbacks from it. Obviously with current LCS game pace, Gragas can’t scale as well as he does in soloque where the pace is slower. I see him slowly having more LCS play in the jungle though after some nerfs to his lane, unless they’re things like removing the body slam cooldown reduction. That would probably slow Gragas’ clears down a lot in the earlygame, making him vulnerable to invades from those with top tier clears.


“I thought you’d never pick me. Seriously. ):”

Though he still suffers from first clear invasion issues, a lot of this is rectified mostly due to how people play the earlygame at the moment. Its like “Oh you invaded blue! Okay, we’ll go to yours and trade”. People are in the habit of trading buffs now which really helps out the lil’ mummy. With the new spirit item sustain, his mana problems are mostly gone and he doesn’t really lose health in the jungle. He also has multiple build options, he can go for a tank build with Golem, or farm and scale with Wraith and scale into a high damage offtank. Everyone knows his utility, his teamfight power always a force. Amumu is looking much better off as of late.


“My profession? You know, i always wanted to be a jungler.”

You got your wish buddy, as did every Pantheon fan. With his passive, he can block most of the autoattacks being thrown at him, making his clear incredibly resilient. The latest spirit changes gave him enough mana to gank and fight, as well as spam spells most of the time in the jungle for a reasonable clear speed. Pantheon is the new craze when it comes to ganking junglers. A point and click stun, massive damage, a wide range of build options, the guy doesn’t really have much of a drawback when it comes to his ganks. He can dive incredibly well too. His only issue lies in his lack of escape. Once he’s in the fray, he’s staying there unless you can pull of some tricks using W. Pantheon is one to look out for competitively too, teams like Curse, Millennium, Roccat, all giving the spearman play. I see more of Pantheon appearing in the upcoming LCS weeks.


“Only the spider is safe at her Wolves. Wait, what?”

Already a god tier jungler with pretty much zero drawbacks, Elise gets even better. The new spirit stone passive basically lets her have no mana issues. Her human form Q gives some mana back, as with W. Then, She regains it all back in spider form, her abilities being manaless afterall. She’s a half decent candidate for spectral wraith due to having a solid clear, but Ancient Golem got so much better for her with the new passive. There is no drawback to her buying Ancient Golem. She can easily solo the Dragon with Ancient Golem and i think she can do it quite scrappy with spirit stone + some levels. All in all, she just gets put farther away from the rest of the pack, into Elise Tier. At least last patch a well played Lee was on par with her competitively. Now nothings stopping her apart from the nerfhammer or a massive shift in the metagame.

Who got worse?


“OK. I’m not OK. Shit.”

I loved the Armordillo last season, even though his clear was poor he could make up for that with one of the best ganks in the game. He could get a supporty build and be your teams best buddy. Now though, that isn’t enough. His clear is even worse than previous cause the jungle got stronger, and beats him up.  Because his clear his so slow, his sustain is pretty horrible. All he can do is gank nowadays. His lategame is still strong, but its just going to take him forever to get to a useable state.


I can’t come up with a half decent jungle-related quote for Lee but still. He had some positives from this patch, Elder Lizard and Ancient Golem are both stronger options for him, but theres just something about him lately which i don’t find incredibly useful. Compared to other physical dps junglers like Vi, Pantheon, who are much easier to play, with a more reliable gank and damage output, why Lee? In what situation are Vi and Pantheon banned nowadays? If you still want early pressure, you could take Gragas, who scales and offers a lot more. Where does Lee fit in when these champions are here? I just don’t see why i’d play a more taxing champion mechanically with a pretty average/poor lategame and resort to mostly a supportive/tank build which doesn’t really offer much unless you create some DanDy level engages.

Thanks for reading this far, i hope you enjoyed my Views/Insight. I’d like to thank LJTD again for letting me write for them and encourage you to check out their LoL Jungle Timer Deluxe. Its a useful, legal feature and can benefit your timekeeping ingame. Thanks again.

Reasons this Jungle Timer is legal

This post should give you some idea about why LoL Jungle Timer Deluxe is completely allowed to use for League of Legends.


Many users are still unsure if using a Jungle Timer like LJTD can cause punishments for their accounts. It’s correct that Riot often says third-party programs are not allowed. But often they forget to mention that the main reason is that there are many other programs working like hacks, cheats or other bad input for the game itself. They are giving an advantage they wouldn’t have without these special tools. Well some guys might think now LJTD is doing so, too. But it’s not like that. Let’s go together into more detail.

No automatism

The user always has to start

      • objectives,
      • wards,
      • and all the other things LJTD can do for you

on his own.

Imagine you have a clock in front of you to time e.g. objectives. This clock is coded with a 7 min count-down for e.g. Baron. Now take 6 of them and you have the same result LJTD does. Simple counting down and playing a sound when a specific time was reached.

Let’s now see what Write2Chat does. It writes something to your chat e.g. the re-spawn time of an objective. But the fact is you could do the same thing on your own. LJTD is just faster but it’s still possible to do it without this tool.

Now we compare LJTD with the ban-able “LoL Helper Tool“. We really recommend to NOT use this one, it just shall give an argument why LJTD is completely allowed. So LoLHT is like a Bot showing hidden information and able to do things automatically for you. Here are some of them:

      • showing enemy tower attack radius
      • showing enemy attack ranges
      • showing enemy champion skill ranges
      • showing possible enemy skills available with current mana
      • automatically smiting buffs when smite will be able to kill it
      • automatically using barrier when next hit would be your death

As you can see these points are not available without this tool. So it’s a hack that will cause suspension in all cases. Really don’t use this tool. Don’t risk a ban and just train to get better. This is how League should be =) !

Not changing any files

Riot is writing in their ToS:

Using any unauthorized third-party programs, including but not limited to “mods,” “hacks,” “cheats,” “scripts,” “bots,” “trainers,” and automation programs, that interact with the Software in any way, for any purpose, including, without limitation, any unauthorized third-party programs that intercept, emulate, or redirect any communication between the Software and Riot Games and any unauthorized third-party programs that collect information about the Game by reading areas of memory used by the Software to store information.

LJTD does neither change any file on your system nor manipulates your running League of Legends Client or even parts of your RAM. It’s a portable tool that can be moved anywhere you would like to have it. There is no need to integrate it into the LoL folder. The configuration and all the other important things are given in the LJTD folder. As already said it has no dependencies or influences. Even if Riot says all Jungle Timer are forbidden now, there is no way Riot could suspense you for using LJTD. Since our tool has no impact on League of Legends Riot cannot detect/ban it. You don’t have to be afraid my friend. It has never been anyone banned for this.

Due to no changes of League of Legends files happen – compared to other Jungle Timers – there is no update needed when LoL is patched. So always run your LJTD version you want to have. You can download an older version here. We recommend using always the latest because it’s always getting better and with even more features. But it’s your decision at least.

It’s also impossible that your League of Legends client will crash when using LJTD. You can see LJTD as a completely stand-alone tool like Firefox. The only dependencies it has is Write2Chat. Write2Chat sends a text to the game. But this is like clicking a URL in a chat tool that opens Firefox. So this is also an allowed mechanic at least.

Well-known developer

As an experienced developer my principal purpose is to give the best user experience that is possible. There will never be a day I favor illegal things and get you in any trouble. The users will always get a verified version from a pool of testers. Releasing a new version is always delayed so that issues that might need some time to happen will get the chance to appear.

This project is funded on my own. So LJTD is NOT dependant from other big companies or institutions. I basically thought this great game needs a really good Jungle Timer for free and an authentic code-base within. But if you could support this project I would be very glad about this. You really can help me out here if you want! We are and we will not use advertising to finance this project independant of your donantions.

Source Code online

Everyone can look behind the scenes what is happening in the code-base internal. If you are interested in how LJTD works you have the possiblity to get a look inside at least. You are also able to send in bugs on our Forum to even improve this tool or even join us as another tester. Some of you already helped us a lot there! You’re really awesome.

If your Anti-Virus tool gives a warning window you can simply ignore that and allow the connection to the LJTD-servers. You might get this because of the technology behind the hotkeys. LJTD is using global hotkeys to make sure it always gets your input even when you are in-game. There is currently no other way to get your input. Make also sure you run LJTD with admin-right because some technologies of LJTD will just work properly with them. But you can always try out LJTD without them for sure.

You also don’t need an account to run LJTD. Simply download, run it and have fun!

As you can see LJTD is not infringing any term of Riot’s ToS. As a conclusion you can say there are some tools that should be avoided but LJTD does not belong to them in any aspect.

Professional setup of the Advanced Minimap

This tutorial is showing you how to configure – or if you are new to this tool setup – your Advanced Minimap. Since this is a very important and useful feature, everyone should have it enabled. So here are the few steps doing it the professional way. Please take some time to finish it. Thanks.

Open the Advanced Minimap

Firstly you need open the Advanced Minimap by clicking on the minimap symbol on top of the Control Overlay.


Now we should get something that might look a bit unusual to you. But that’s completely ok. This window is the overlay we use to show objective durations and wards on top of the in-game minimap. That’s really cool! So let’s see what we have to do.

Advanced Minimap - Begin

Open the Settings window

We open the Settings and move right to the Advanced Minimap tab (6. tab). Here watch out for the Wardmap feature and enable it (if disabled) and hit SAVE.


This feature will show a minimap overlay when hitting the F3 key now. Pushing the F3 should look like this now.


Drag & drop and resizing the Advanced Minimap

So now let’s start a custom game and move the Advanced Minimap around by clicking on the panels and dragging it to another place (e.g. bottom right corner). You can see it does not fit there because it’s too big right now. That’s no problem!


Now hit the F3 key to check if it’s in the right place and use the combination of resize button (top left corner) and the panels (for drag & drop). This might need some time but finally it should look like the picture below. Hitting F3 the towers should fit in their place exactly and not flickering around. If not so, just play a bit more with it, it’s a real pleasure with the resize button.


Now to give you an idea how it will be displayed with wards and the objective duration, here we go. Looks quite nice, right? In this picture we used the minimized Advanced Minimap mode, too. You will now only see the maximize button and the Switch Team button. That’s all you need in-game! But don’t quit this tutorial here, we still have not saved these customizations!


Save your customizations

Now the last thing to mention is that you check whether your sizes and locations are properly written to the Settings. To do this open the Settings and get to the Advanced Minimap tab (6. tab). Make sure the sizes and locations are the same as shown in the Advanced Minimap window. Now just one click on SAVE and everything is fine. You can now restart LJTD and check if everything is at the right place as it should be. Good job so far!


That’s all or wait?! You have done a great job by customizing your LJTD to your own preferences but please save the sizes and locations to all config files you want to use! The fastest way to do this is by editing the config files in an editor like Notepad++:


A long but needed tutorial to show you how to set up the Advanced Minimap. We are aware it’s kind of complicated and not that easy at the begin. But once completed it’s really straight forward and easy to do. Have fun and now you are really Ready to Jungle! [emoji thumbs up sign]

Jungle Spawn Times

In League of Legends it’s quite important to know about the exact spawn and of course re-spawn times for the jungle minions.


First of all if you are new to the game you should get to know the names for each of the camps. They are not that hard to learn and often there many possible ways to call them in-game like “Baron” or “Nash” which exactly means the same thing. So here is a small picture which shows up the official names and the minimap position for them.

Jungle Spawn Times - Names

Spawn Times

Now that the names are clear we can go over to have a look at the times when the monsters will spawn the first time.

Jungle Spawn Times - Spawn Times

  • Wraiths/Wights/Big Golem/Wolves: 2:05
  • Ancient Golem/Lizards: 1:55
  • Dragon: 2:30
  • Baron Nashor: 15:00

Re-Spawn Times

To know when these minions spawn the first time is important but to continue and dominate in the jungle or force baron or dragon fights you also have to keep an eye on these objectives. So also try to track them until they re-spawn. Mostly it’s not that easy because there are also other aims in the game but at least you should try it.

Jungle Spawn Times - Re-Spawn Times

  • Wraiths/Wights/Big Golem/Wolves: 50 sec
  • Ancient Golem/Lizards: 5 min
  • Dragon: 6 min
  • Baron Nashor: 7 min

These are the basics for all that is necessary about jungle monsters and their spawn times. To learn more about additional things like the xp and gold you earn by killing them or even the times for Twisted Treeline, check out the official LoL Wiki about Jungling.

What also can help are Jungle Timers like LJTD that among others support you with timing the important objectives. If you are new to this game or not yet a Jungle master we advise you to give it a try. It is completely free, Open Source and allowed by Riot Games.

Edit1: added Wights

Patch 3.8 – New Jungle Meta

Patch 3.8

written by the LJTD team,

LJTD (free software) hotkey tool for junglers, teams, supports, and laners

official patch video

official patch notes

Jarvan in this patch | video by stonewall  …mid elo

Nunu in this patch | one, twothree, stomp  …platinum

Volibear in this patch | video by trick  …duo normal

see this if you need more ideas for jungle paths

What Changed

Boots now cost 25 gold less. Dorans Ring costs 400 gold now

If an enemy is behind a wall, Hecarim can to hop OVER wall example video

Golems, wraiths, wolves will spawn @ 1:55 (NOT 1:40)

Golems, wraiths, wolves will respawn faster: 50 seconds (17% faster! … more jungle farm)

Blue & Red camps now give 20% more XP start blue, no wraiths, smite red for  FAST LEVEL 3!


Alistar by chris bjors

Jungle Alistar is back!  but shhh keep it a secret  `-^

Start boots + 4 pots Q-E-W. Get smiteless red/blue (use 2 pots) then do blue/red (use 2 pots & E), now GANK top/mid!

You will be level 3, mid/top will be level 2  ^-^

GANKING: wait in bush, until enemy moves in to harass/lasthit, then RUN in until you can FLASH + Q. Now Auto-Attack, and then use W to let the solo’er finish him!

After that, stay between the enemy and his tower so his flash is useless (remember you have red buff!). It’s a guaranteed kill if you land your flash combo Runes  Masteries

R.I.P. Wriggles

Morellos Wriggles

Now costs 25% more gold (2000 g), in exchange for +10 AD & +5% lifesteal.

Wriggles’ ward now lasts 90 seconds!

For that price, you might as well buy a bloodthirster (3200 gold, 100 AD, 18% lifesteal)

The only good news is: the bonus damage to monsters is no longer random: 100 magic damage per hit

Junglers to try Now


level 3 ganks  – – – –  Alistar, Jarvan, Lee, Maokai, Xin

farm more, gank faster  – – – –  Evelynn, Lee Sin, Volibear

farm more, control dragon  – – – –  Sejuani, Shyvana, Zac

underplayed in solo ranked  – – – –  Evelynn, Nocturne, Skarner

Note: Sejuani’s slow durations have been nerfed, but she benefits from jungle XP and respawn buffs

see Stonewall’s Lissandra Era tier lists for the best Fighter, Bruiser, Tank, Support, AP junglers before patch 3.8


Dont feed cassi

Always bring flat Magic Resist (MR) or MR per level glyphs.

AP Mids now have the option of buying Dorans Ring + 2 pots. If you plan to gank a strong mid you’ll need MR.

If you plan to start with boots on alistar, also use Movement Speed runes (they will multiply the bonus from boots)



LJTD 4.2

LJTD version 4.2 is out!

Hotkey and monitor up to 7 simultaneous countdowns (objectives, buffs, spells, summoners) on-screen, on the minimap, or have it sent to team chat.

^-^ Happy Jungling!  download  /  report a bug


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Jungle in Pre Season 3

Hey, friends of Season III. Well some guys of you having problems with Season 3 update, especially in the jungle. So we want to make sure you get to know all the basics you need to solve problems when going to the jungle.

We know there are many other sites out there which discuss the new meta, items, jungling and ganking. There is so much new stuff right now. Here just some steps to follow for the most important stuff. The Jungle is now much harder to clear. Let’s discuss what you should admit right now.

Which starting items?

First of all, without Machete (the new jungle item) it’s not possible to clear camps in the recommended time. So with nearly every jungler get Machete first with 5 health pots. Machete will give you extra damage to neutral monsters. That’s really needed.

Hunters-Machete Season 3

This is the best item you can get at begin. There are some champs like for instance fiddle that will need something other. But mainly it’s not like this.

Which jungler is the best right now?

The following picture will show you which jungler is the best at the moment. The table is a bit hard to read. But overall you can say, there are many ways to get rid of these information. You should compare the times when getting level 4 and how much life you have at the end. This tells you how good a jungler is clearing camps with his best items, runes and masteries therefor. There are many similarities to the old jungle like Dr. Mundo and Shyvana. But Udyr got very strong now and unbelievably good at counter jungling.


This spreadsheet is a must have for every jungler. Don’t pick a champ now that is squishy or bad rated in this picture. This would let you fall far behind.

Pulling camps

There is no pull anymore in season 3. Every camp will now attack the nearest champ. So you think getting a tank is op. But it’s not that kind of easy. You might get a little bit help with blue or red at start. But usually you have to jungle on your own at the start till level 4. So pick a champ that has sustain and heavy damage output. This works pretty well.

Counter jungling

Counter jungling became a bit harder right now. You have the problems of free wards right now. So being undetected is a rare event. And the enemy jungler is having a huge amount of pots. So there are also less chances to counter him in his jungle with low life. Overall you can say counter jungling has got a bit more useless at all.


Ganking got nerfed in different ways. The bot lane is nearly ungankable with free wards at the begin. With the nerf of the oracle there you also lost the possibility to clear wards over a huge time. Now wards are overall seen much cheaper. So with oracle you might have to clear more wards then in season 2. So getting snacked when clearing wards will increase. We advise to set wards instead getting an oracle, especially pink wards are op now.

Teemo op?

Many guys say Teemo is op since Oracle got nerfed that immense. But that’s not true at all. He is still easy to gank before level 6. So get him out of the game early and he is chanceless. With the amount of free wards you also know where his mushrooms are. So he is not that op as everyone says. But yeah he is a great pick right now if play defensive till level 6.