LJTD Version 5.1 just released!

Here we go my friends for professional objective timing. We just released our new Version 5.1. We got some cool new stuff into it. Let’s have a closer look on every detail.

Download Version [emoji floppy disk]

Info & Changes

We tried to fix some mayor things when LJTD is starting. Normally you could not see if LJTD is still loading and not being able to react to clicks. So we added an animated icon which really fits into the desgin. So this will improve the usability for guys which run slow PCs.

Animated Icon

Many guys thought it would be cool to have some overlay ingame showing up information about objectives. We now implemented that Text Overlay so that you can choose to be remembered at specific times or just when it respawned or even both of them. So the Advanced Minimap is not that much important when you use this feature anymore.

Text Overlay Ingame

After Version 5 we thinked about a way to show the duration ever mor clear on the Advanced Minimap. Right now you can choose between seconds or minutes & seconds. Showing up seconds is recommended to view as less as possible ingame with the same information.

Minimap Show Mode

Other Changes

We also changed the way LJTD needs admin rights. Till now there have been many problems when starting without the needed rights like the Write2Chat issues being mentioned here. Now LJTD always starts with admin rights. Please configure it now on your own if you are getting a warning window. An explanation is given in the download folder.

When changing preset Settings and using the Slide feature there have been problems. Now we fixed this and let LJTD automatically Slide in and out to show that the feature is active.

TL:DR; as always have a look on the History [emoji page with curl]  page for a summary.

Summoner, now you’re Ready to Jungle!