Website now online!

Welcome Summoners! ist already online since a week, but it wasn’t the best idea because it’s a global tool and not a just German one. So we switched it to the .net domain.

The old domain is now linking on the new one, just to make sure everyone is getting to the new one now.

We are currently working unstoppable on the new version. With the new version there will come plenty of changes and bugfixes to the Config GUI system.

Ready to Jungle!

Version online!

I proudly preset to you Version

Lets see what is new to this version:

  • Bugfix: W2C, works with disabling many of the Aero effects and updating Net.Framework system
  • Feature: Ward setable by clicking on MiniMap(push F4 key to enable the overlay, left mouse click is setting a ward, driving over is showing the remaining time)
  • Bugfix: MiniMap crashing sometimes fixed
  • Bugfix: MiniMap running much fasterno lags anymore
  • Feature: WardMap for than infinite wards and overall ward control
  • Bug: label of Config GUI timers changed from “sec” to “min
  • Feature: New logo and some graphics
  • Feature: Wards on WardMap reminding at specific timeswith different colors
  • Feature: New homepage for LJTD
  • Feature: Colors of the LJTD are setable now

What do you think about this update? online!

Welcome summorers to League of Legend’s best Jungle Timer. The LoL Jungle Timer Deluxe has now it’s own website.